quarta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2009

white wednesday - at candle lights...

It's wednesday again! - the day for the passion for white! (for more of it go to Kathleen's lovely blog at: ).
Today, as colder nights are finally here, i've decided to post pictures of one of my passions: candles!
All sorts of candles burning all year whenever i like and feel like!!!
LOve the smell of them; it reminds me of the smell of my village's church on Sunday mornings. And although i do not go to church anymore ( somehow we don't really go there when we're younger!), candles always bring me that sense of spirituality, calm , reflection, sweet solitude, and inner journey into your own secret places. Ok!! I confess!!!! I do spend a lot of money on candles!!! But isn't the result wonderful?! Don't they look gorgeous decorated this way??!!! - I've used strings, pics and some christmas things that are already selling on shops.
Have a great day and ... ... light a candle today just because... ...

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Rostrose disse...

Wonderful, your white- & candle - combination today, dearest Rosa! I like it very much!

And I can smell them ;-)
HUGS Traude

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Bikim, I love your beautiful candles. I stitch also always candles, the year round. The light is so beautiful and the smell of the scentcandles is so lovely.
Have a nice day.
Warmly greetings from Mea

Marie-Ange disse...

Magnifique inspiration qui te souffle de si douces et tendres mises en images.
Tes bougies sont ravissantes et romantiques.
Bisous du coeur

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

You have quite a collection of candles around the house. It looks very romantic! I enjoy lighting candles as well and so do my girls. Each afternoon when it's getting dark we have a small fight over who can light the candles ;)! I am already looking forward to putting the fairy lights up....but, I want to wait a week or two more...

Enjoy your day! Lieve groet, Madelief

miss biggi disse...

...wunderschöne Bilder!
Ich mag brennende Kerzen auch sehr gern. Sie geben ein so wundervolles Licht.

lottens vita och gröna disse...

hello my friend!
i can imagine the feeling you have, beutiful och the best start of a day!!!

warmhug to you!!!//lotten

Trude disse...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment at my site:) So fun to find other good bloggers, I love your pictures of all your nice interior.

Bluggi buggi blogg disse...

Thank you for a nice comment on my blog. Nice to have visitors from far away :) Many nice and inspiering pictures here.
Trude :)

jade disse...

Good morning dear Rosa,
i love all your wonderful white candles........they make me smile and make my day brighter - they send so much love and light!!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Jade

BELDECOR by Bine disse...

Dear Rosa,
wonderful impressions... I love candles as well, what girl does not do it....
I just heard your music, she is sooo beautiful, cosy and realaxing, just great!
Have a wonderful sparkling day...
Hugs Bine

Bonnie disse...

Hi Rosa,
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, Love Your Place and the lovely comment. Your blog is wonderful! I really like the candles! Your children are so cute too! I will follow your blog too... I can't wait to see your new posts and to look at your old ones too. There are so many great pictures! Bonnie :)

Madeleine disse...

Hi Rosa! Thank you so muck. I like your candels too. Have a wonderful day!!!! Hugs Madeleine =)

Peonies & Magnolias disse...

Your candles are so beautiful and your angel is adorable. Thanks for visiting. Have a great day.


Fin i Formen - Margrethe disse...

Hi! Thank you for your lovely words on my blog :) You have a realy nice blog to. Inspiering and beautiful pictures.
Have a nice day.

Barbara Jacksier disse...

Your candle post was perfect. I am staying at a lovely bed and breakfast in Playa del Rey, California and there are candles in the fireplace. It is early morning and they were lit before sunrise. It is very cozy here.

vanamo disse...

You have had lovely moments there:) Lovely music. Have a nice weekend.


Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

Oi Rosa! We love how those pictures turned out with the help of the candles. Our favorite is the one with the flowers print...just the perfect glow!!!Clara is the "candle lady" of the family, I like them too but always forget to light them up!! Muito brigada pela visita!! Disculpa nosso portugues...horrivel!!!! Beijos mil,
Marcela & Clara

ZuccheroFilato disse...

Hello ROsa,

Thanks for yr visit on my blog.Yr blog is also
very lovely, beautiful photos!
I want to follow you but i don't find the followers space (it's appear in blank ) .
I'll be back to subscribe next time!
See you soon,

Rita disse...

Hi Rosa,
again a lovely disply for our WW weekly appoitment. They all look so charming and heartwarming. Love candles, both in antique candle holders and pillar candles decorated or simply adorned the way your creativity is leading you. I fully agree with you - they add much atmosphere especially in this season.
Good night

Marita disse...

I lika candels too. At the moment I need a few white big ones that I would like to decorate.
The little sitting angel on your picture is so cute, I love angels .
Have a good day!!!

Home No.1 disse...


hello again=))

Your candles are so beautiful and bring a relaxed feeling to every home!
Take care! Hugs from Sweden and Annica.

jade disse...

Guten Morgen, liebe Rosa,
ja, dieses Rezept aus dem Büchlein zeigt die Bilder von einem Martinsumzug (St. Martin ist am 11. November) und diese Kekse sind Martinskekse und schmecken sehr gut, nach dem Lichterumzug ;))!!!! Kinder lieben so etwas, wie schön, dass dein Sohn es auch mal erleben konnte!!!

Ein herrliches Wochenende und GLG, herzlichst Jade

yolanda disse...

Thank a lot for your nice coment.Wonderfull blog

Himlarum disse...

Olá Rosa,
Obrigada pela tua visita!
Gosto muito do teu blog! Aqui encontro muita inspiracão e alegria!

Toma bem conta de ti!

Ann-Helen na Suécia

Anónimo disse...

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