domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

romantic fountains (try it!)

Detail on a fountain.

This is one of the things i like the most on a garden, an interior garden or in a simple veranda: fountains! (The 1st pic isn't a fountain, but bridges and fountains!... besides it's so romantic!)
We have no big fountains in our garden; but this is one of the things i plan on having on my next house. I love not only romantic fountains in a luxurious garden, but also "wall fountains" on verandas. I like the freshness of it; the sound; the smell of fresh water; the water plants you can have; the way the sun reflects on the water; the birds and the insects that come to drink or just freshen up!...
The photos i share with you are from several places on my country and were shot this summer, during the several small trips we did. They are from Sintra and several places in Alentejo. We do not have the same passion for fountains, as italians do!, but, nevertheless you can always find one here and there.
Hope you like the photos and ... who knows?! ... might get inspired and do your own zen place of water!
Get ready !
Close your eyes!
Take a deep breath! and ...
You're ready for a great new week!

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Luna disse...

What wonderful pictures!
The first is my favorite.
Please, I will try it to paint this!
May be?
....greetings from Vienna....Luna ~~♥~~

Chrissy disse...

Great post,pretty pics....hope you have a great week!! Chrissy

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Hello Rosa Maria,
your well pictures look fantastic. I like it even if the water splashes. It calms and isz very pleasantly. A well on the terrace is already something quite special.
A good new week wishes you completely warmly,

Anónimo disse...

wonderful fountins. In Finland we have this time of year so cold that the fountains are frozen.

jade disse...

My dearest Rosa,
these pictures are wonderful - i love fountains!!!!!! It´s so romantic and it would also be the most imprtant thing in my next house!!!!! Some years ago we made holidays in provence, in a house named "Domaine de la Fountaine" was absolutly great!!!!!

Have a wonderful week, hugs Jade

Luiza disse...

Your photos in this post are , just breathtaking...
I wish we had such surroundings here, but I wouls have to look for a very long time after them...

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Marie-Ange disse...

J'adore ta photo avec le petit pont ...
Bisous de très belle semaine.

Inspiration i vitt disse...

Hi, I would like to jump into your photos, ooooo so beautiful they were. The words you write, I will remember. Kram / Ingela.

Catherine disse...

hi have a good weekRosa!i feel relaxed now!!!!it's a nice idea , have a good week .catherine

miss biggi disse...

Was für zauberhafte Bilder!!!
Ich mag Brunnen auch sehr. Mir gefällt das plätschern des Wassers...Es ist so romantisch schön!

Rostrose disse...

So wonderful pictures, dear Rosa - it's like little holidays!
Hugs, Traude

Elsa och Helena disse...

Thank you for visiting my blog...and that you like to follow it. J find your blog so beatiful. J will come here I put myself in the follower list:)


Nyanser av vitt disse...

Beautiful pictures...
Best regards Agneta

Marita disse...

Lovely pictures.
Thank you for your nice comment and visit in my blog. It's not so many who visit me so every little kind word warms my heart!
Have a good day!

Rummet för välbefinnande disse...

Hello dear Rosa,
Thank you for your nice words! You can´t imagine how happy you made me :)
It´s magical with water and fountains, and I agree with you - it gives harmony.
I just close my eyes, as I´m listening to the background music, and allow me to take a little trip to the "dreamland" for a while.
A wonderful way to start the day :) :)
Have a nice day!
Warm hugs from Sweden!

Karin Lindström disse...

Hello Rosa!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. I was so glad! I can see that you are like me, love the beauty in nature, simple things and family. I have nerver been to portugal but your pictures are lovely. Thank you so much for a inspiring visit, and i am now ready for this week *smiles*.

Best regards


Brabourne Farm disse...

I love all your fountain photos! Is there anything lovelier than the sound of water as it runs through a fountain - it's so soothing and relaxing. Hope you're having a lovely week. Leigh

fräulein klein disse...

So lovely photos from fountains! I love all of them! Are their in portugal? Really wonderful!
GLG, Yvonne