domingo, 18 de outubro de 2009

my angels' corner

Here is a complete look of my hallway!! In fact it's only a small corridor that gives access to the bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and that somehow separates the living/dining area from the more private zone of the house.

I painted some stripes (about 7 years ago) simulating a morning dawn, so it has a gradual colour from a softer tone to a darker one, on top, where you can still find some stars that seem to be just fading away. After so long i still love the way it looks!

As we have not planed a "library" or some kind of reading place (something i do intend to plan on my next house!!!), and the area is very close to the living room, i decided to transform it into a small home library!!

Why do i have angels there?!
Well!!! On old portuguese houses people used to have a place where they could pray - on rich families there was a small church built somewhere in the garden; on poorer ones they would have a simulation of a church called "oratório" (literally: a place where you pray) and that would be smaller or bigger depending on how wealth the family was! The "oratório" was made of wood and several saints placed there. My family, on both sides, had such a piece, but i got none! I would love to have one, but they are very expensive and hard to find. Of course you can have one made, but it's not the same! You all know what i mean!!!! So!... i just decided to have my own "oratório" my way and made an angels' corner. Some of the angels i got as presents others i bought, but i think they look so pretty on a place where you just go through and they do give me peace!
The old book with the blue cover and the rose is, together with the bible, my "crème de lá crème"!!! It's a 19th century poetry book, written in german, by a lady. Some of the words i can't really understand, but i fell in love with it as soon as i laid my eyes on it!!!
My husband went back to Austria today, so i'll continue on being a single mother till the end of the week. Time keeps on running through my fingers like water!!!
A happy wonderful new week to you all!

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June disse...

Oh what a perfectly lovely Angel's corner. It is a beautiful peaceful place and I can see why you love it. I love to collect Angels too.

maría cecilia disse...

It´s so nice you have this "altar" with angels and everything that reminds you of your own Divinity, a place that´s filled with so good energy in your home...a place of gratefulness.
Muchos cariños

Marie-Ange disse...

Ils sont jolis tes petits anges ainsi dispersés dans ta maison.
Ils apportent bonheur et joie au foyer.
Bisous de belle semaine.

Catherine disse...

I love to collect angels too.It's a good idea to have such a place,i would love to have one! have a nice week catherine

Corinne. disse...

J'adooooreeee !!!
Comme à chaques visites c'est un grand plaisir!!
J'ai beaucoup aimé tes vidéos avec les bébés ainsi que tes mises en scènes .
Continue à nous régaler avec tes jolies photos!

Rostrose disse...

Hello, dear Rosa! Wonderful is your hallway! And the old book is georgeous - what a pretty, pretty treasure!!!! I hope you come to "visit" me again, I miss your comments so much!
Lots of Hugs, Traude
PS: Oh, how nice, your husband is in Austria! Wonderful country ;-) (Does he often work there?)

Luiza disse...

Thank you , for the history lesson. It was pretty interesting.

To have angels surrounding you , while you read, must be the perfect way of feeling peace.

I hope this week will pass very fast, so that you wont have to be a singel mother no more.

Have a nice evening!

Rebecca disse...

What a wonderful the angel theme and it turned out just wonderful

miss biggi disse...

Hallo liebe Rosa,
dein Flur ist wunderschön mit all den Büchern und den anderen schönen Dingen. Mein Flur ist leider viel zu klein. Aber ich würde auch gern eine riesige Bücherwand haben um all meine Schätze zu dekorieren. Jetzt sind die Bücher auf fast alle Zimmer verteilt :)
Engel mag ich auch sehr gerne. Sie haben so etwas zauberhaftes und mystisches. Einige Zeit habe ich sie regelrecht gesammelt. Doch aus Platzmangel mußte ich diese Sammelleidenschaft wieder einschränken. Es stehen aber das ganze Jahr über einige besondere Engel in der Wohnung. Und in der Weihnachtszeit kommen alle anderen auch aus dem Keller hervor!

Bellavien disse...

I must thank you for al your lovely comments on my blog! Love to come over to you :)

lovely angelcorner but i don't collect them

Have a very, very nice week!

Millie disse...

Rosa you have created a lovely calm & peaceful area - I think it is quite magical!
Millie ^_^


Hallo Rosa!!!! thanks for your lovely comments
on my blogg... many hugs from sussie

Simone disse...

Absolutely beautiful....and I love the music you have playing!

Thank you so much for the comments on my blog - you did make me smile with your comments about the bike/scooter!!

Have a lovely day!


jade disse...

Dear Rosa,
your angels are soooo lovely - what a wonderful place in your house!!!
Have a very nice week, Hugs Jade

Les Cotrions disse...

Hello Rosa! I like your hall! Very nice stripes you painted and the angels are so sweet! Great idea transforming it in a library!
Have a nice day!

Chrissy disse...

OMG..I am sure I don;t need to tell you how much I love this post,stunning is the only word that seems enough!!All the best,Chrissy

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Hello Rosa Maria,
your way with angel's painting is wonderful.
Your husband soon comes again back... about half of the week is already created!!!
Lots of love sends you,

ruma2008 disse...

"Proudly Portuguese" in your blog resembles 'imari' which is near to my town closely very much.

Portugal is beautiful in tradition, scenery, nature, anything.


bvozone disse...

Hello sweetheart !

We love your blog!
You have captured photos, worthy of epic scenic images with fantastic music selection!

Keep on going with it, because we will want to keep on visiting it!

A hug for all of you from family Vozone!