segunda-feira, 26 de outubro de 2009

Door wide opened - part I

This is my entrance hall - 1st part! In fact it's not completely finished! There's a picture missing, on the main wall! I've been looking for a gorgeous romantic, mysterious, feminine and brocante photo to stick on a piece of the wall as wallpaper, but haven't found it yet!!!
As you can see, my door has an autumn decor with small spiders!! To be honest, these are the only ones i like!!! Sorry animal lovers!!, but i can't like spiders!!! they do make my cleaning life harder!! My husband is always trying to save them all from my vacuum cleaner, but i don't really think about it when i'm cleaning!!! Guess i'm not a buddhist!!!! Anyway ... these ones are really cute!
This year i had lots of lavender! So also decided to use some around the house. It's soo nice to feel a lavender smell as you come in. Another thing i always have on the entrance hall ! - SWEETS! Children love when they come to play or visit and can take some sweets on the way out! I like it too! It reminds me that life can always be sweeter!!
2 things about me!:
1 - I love to have old and new paintings around the house! - on the walls, on the floor, on furniture, on unexpected places! Most of the times, i don't really like to have things used as they were meant to be used when created! I love to find things on places i would have never thought!;
2 - I have a crash on hats! All sorts of hats! as long as they are gorgeous!
There's an autumn morning outside, but it's expected to be 26 degrees! My husband is back and things got back on their tracks. Hopefully i'll get more time to blog and to visit your blog too. Can't wait to see what you all have been doing!

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Brabourne Farm disse...

Me too - I also hate spiders particularly big ones! Your entrance hall looks lovely - love the autumn theme. Leigh

Marie-Ange disse...

J'ai poussé la porte et découvert tes décors qui font sourire l'automne.
J'adore !
Bisous du coeur

Jacqueline disse...

What a great job you have done in your hall.... and some spiders for Halloween, too.... it all looks brilliant. XXXX

Mayflower disse...

Hello dear Rosa, I enjoy this post very much. What a warm welcom. I love the door with the wreath and ofcourse the spiders. And how sweet the candy for the childeren and maybe also for the adults, I also like candy pff
I wish you also a wonderful new week and thanks for your comment on my blog.
Lovely greetings, Mea

Les Cotrions disse...

Waw! Your entrance is faboulous! You made a great work giving a romantic touch and we can see you cured each detail!
A nice new week for you!

June disse...

Hello Rosa, your entrance is just so lovely! A lot of beautiful things to greet you as you come in the door.
Spiders...eek, I hate them too!

Steven D! feat. Charly_GC disse...

Have a nice day, dear Rosa!
Best regards from Germany and a good start into the new week from Steven

Corinne. disse...

mais dit moi ta maison regorge de trèsors superbes !!!
Très beau tout cela !!
Merci pour ton gentil commentaire

maría cecilia disse...

Hello Bikim, love your entrance hall, filled with so many brocante things which I would love to be mine. Those little spiders look pretty nice though!!
Muchos cariños
Maria Cecilia

Luiza disse...

I totally agree. Spiders makes me scream, loud... I know they won´t do any harm, at least not those we have in Sweden, but they are awful... Another thing that freaks me out is, cockrouches..GAAAAH, they are creepy.

Besides the spiders in your hall, it all looks a very harmonic mix of beautiful things.

Have a nice evening.
Love /

Jes/Vita villa vila disse...

Lovely blog you have!

Jes, Sweden ♥

jade disse...

Dear Rosa,
wonderful impressions - everything looks so romantic and inviting!!!! Have a very nice week, Hugs Jade

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Hello dear Rosa,
I have no fear of spiders... I touch and catch them even with the hands.
You have thus marvellous warm weather... we have here today also sunshine, but not so warmly.
Enjoy these days and the favourite greetings sends you,

Home No.1 disse...

Happy new week to you and all your candy and spiders...=)))

Hugs from sweden and Annica.

Rostrose disse...

Hello, sweet Rosa! Uuuh, the spiders! I also don't really like them, but I also save them from my husband (beause he is "afraid" of spiders...) I catch them with a drinking-glas and a postcard (old spider-saving-trick ;-)
Nice photos of your house you show us again!! Looking forward to your next visit!
HUGS Traude

Chrissy disse...

Amazing!!! Love it all,even the spiders!! Hope you are well my friend,Chrissy

Fifi Flowers disse...

LOVELY entrance... inviting! LOVE the frame!!!