sábado, 3 de outubro de 2009

a short story in Autumn

Autumn mist in my garden.

Autumn dew on my plants.

Just time for a short post, because ... (hurrai!!!) i'm off to the fleamarket (just waiting my son to wake up!!!).

I guess this time autumn is finally arriving!! Thanks God!!!! For the lats 3 days we already had typical autumn dawns: colder, mist and dew all over the garden. I love it, although it's really bad for my asthma - i have no problems with frost, ... but mist and dew are terrible!!! Who cares?!; life is too short to worry about my health problems!!!! I'd rather pretend they do not exist!!!

This week time really flew and it's weekend again. Will have a longer weekend due to a national holiday on Monday. I do intend to do a lot of things - me and my secret plans!!!

Today's pics show you one of the things i also love: Royal Crests.

(I do confess that one of my future secret plans is to buy one!!! For now... too expensive - 3000 euros).

Feelling sad or pity of yourself?! check this out: - smile and thank life!

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Luiza disse...

Oh, Rosa!
Your post about that blind man is beautiful. Honestly, it made me cry...

When I feel my life is going in wrong direction, I always think of the people who have a worse situation than I have. At least I can see, all the beautiful things in life.
Thank You, Rosa! You made my day.
(And what a handsome man, in the suit)...

Your garden is beautiful, and the photos of it too.

Have a wonderful day.
Love /

Magdalena disse...

Hola Rosa,
fuerte y repositiva la historia, gracias por hacernos verla aqui...hoy es un dia hermoso y no lo puedo ver...cuantas veces nos estresamos durante el dia, los deberes, los quehaceres y somos como el hombre verdad, pára un rato y siente el dia...asi como lo escribiste, Carpe Diem!
Maravilla tu jardin y el otoño que tan despacio entra por la puerta del tiempo.
Beso enorme, que tengas mucha suerte en la feria hoy.
Cuidate y abrazo
magdalena/Color Sepia

miss biggi disse...

Liebe Rosa,
die herbstlichen Bilder aus deinem Garten sind sehr schön. Durch den Nebel sieht alles immer so mystisch aus. Ich bin dann froh wenn ich Drinnen im warmen sein kann :))
Die Wappen gefallen mir sehr gut. Es ist eine schöne Idee, welche zu zeigen!
Bin mal gespannt was du schönes auf dem Flohmarkt findest.
Wenn das Wetter morgen gut ist, dann gehe ich auch auf einen Flohmarkt. Freue mich schon sehr darauf:)
Muß nur der Wettergott mitspielen!
Wünsche Dir ein gemütliches Wochenende

Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa, I loved the short film (have just a little bit tears in my eyes ;-)) - and your photos are very good! I love the autumn-feeling in your garden!!! Soo pretty (and I am VERY happy that I can SEE it !!!) (When I was a child I sometimes played that I cannot see or cannot hear or cannot go - because I wanted to know how it feels... and I always was happy when I could open my eyes again, could give my ear-caps away or could leave my seat ...)
Hugs Traude (and a happy fleamarket-day!)

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your garden looks beautiful! I like the mist between the trees. I didn't know you could buy a royal crest in Portugal. It's a lot of money you'll have to pay for it. I can imagine other things are more important now. Have a lovely sunday and bank holiday monday! Lieve groet, Madelief

Corinne. disse...

coucou Rosa !!!
Tes photos sont magnifiques !!
Je les adore, l'automne est pleins de couleurs toutes aussi belles les unes que les autres !!
Merci pour la jolie balade

Jacqueline disse...

Dear Rosa,
The short film was so inspiring and thought provoking.
I love your photographs, especially the morning mist.Sorry to hear that you have trouble in that sort of weather, but what a wonderful attitude you have to it. I wish you well...with love. XXXX

Mayflower disse...

Hello Rosa, thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog, I'm honored that you will follow my blog. And what a lovely blog you have, I'm inspired and will follow you to. How beautiful the photo's of the mist around the trees in your beautiful garden and so sweet the little flower on the cursor.
Till next time.
Many greetings from Mea

maren disse...

Your Blog is so wonderful.. thanks a lot for sharing all these nice things :)
Lots of greetings, maren

Catherine disse...

hi Rosa !nice garden, did you had a good day?i wish you a nice week ,take care catherine

belles choses disse...

Hello Rosa,
welcome to my blog - I'm very pleased that you will follow!
Your blog is very lovely and I'll put you on my bloglist, too.
These pictures of your garden on an autumn morning are so impressing - kind of magic. I love that atmosphere.

Have a nice holiday,



Anna disse...

it's me. i hope you remember me.
sorry that i didn't wrote nothing earlier. i had some problems with my mom. she is very bad and i work now in 2 houses. now is little bit better so I'm trying to do something I should do some time ago.
you left comment under one of my posts. it wasn't garlic! it's 90% alcohol: one with rosemary and minth (for stomach problems;)
and the second with grapes, thyme, minth(one leave) and pepper (for asthma for example - I had asthma also, you know? :).
I love mushrooms like you, but now in Poland the weather Isn't ok for growing up mushrooms. Later I'll send you e-mail with some recipes for food with them. I have to think at first and then write it in english :) my english is not so good so it can be some problem. Dictionary is very necessary. best wishes for you! lovely pictures, beautiful children, and wonderful woman - Rosa

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff disse...

Love you attitude - I have ashma also. I don't let it keep me down either.

You tops.


Rita disse...

Hello Rosa,,
thank you for giving us such a beautiful and inspiring blog. The mist in your garden is such a stunning view just like the rest of your photos. Please come and visit my blog @
I'd proud if you find it worth leaving a comment too.

Janean disse...

Rosa, thank you for stopping by Old Sweetwater. Your blog is so beautiful!

jade disse...

Guten Morgen liebste Rosa,
dein Herbstgarten ist sooo wunderschön - vielen Dank, für all die zauberhaften Bilder!!!! Ich wünsch dir eine traumhafte Herbstwoche voller glücklicher Momente,

allerliebste Grüße, herzlichst Jade