quarta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2009

withe wednesday ... but a sad day

This is my today's contribution for "white Wednesday" theme. It is not exactly as i would like!; not so pretty, inspirational, romantic as i had thought doing. Even the photos are not that great, but we all have these kind of days, don't we?! Aren't we all "desperate housewives" once in a while?!!

Today i'm feelling truly sad. Do you know those cartoons in which the sky is clear blue except for one particular character!; who has a dark rainy cloud over his head?! Well ... my cloud is a hurricane!!!

Remember that yesterday i was really worried with my son and his new school?! My heart was telling me something... and someone says one shall always listen to one's body; one shall always pay attention to that fading voice inside one's self!! I was listening! I didn't like what it was telling me but ...

Anyway .. to make a long story short:
in our bigger cities schools there's that strange phenomenon that many of you know or heard about, called "bulling" and that i can neither understand nor admite. So ... there's a group of these wonderful creatures ( guess where?!) in my son's class!!!; and they already told him that he will be beaten up tomorrow. Of course we already mailed the teacher responsible and we will "talk" (if you understand me!!!) to these children in the morning. Most of the time the school knows and is informed about the situation, but they do nothing! teachers are in some cases also beaten so they avoid getting involved. My son does karaté and is a black belt but they are many and he's now afraid to go to school. I'll spend my day at the school tomorrow just waiting ... in case i'm needed.

I always taught my son to be a good human being, i consider myself a good person too, BUT ... if they touch him!, i'm capable of killing them! My children are my greatest and only treasure, i would gladly give my life for them!! (tears)

Sorry for such a sad post! I'm sure all of you feel as i do, those who have no children yet, believe me!; you will feel like that too.

Thanks for being here and for your comments.

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C'est Moi, Julie Marie disse...

Your white things are so beautiful, and I am so sad about the bullies at your little boy's school... that is a terrible thing, and I hope it is taken care of and your sweet little guy is all right... I will say a special prayer for you and your son and your family... Bisous... Julie Marie

Isabelocas disse...

Olá amiga
Que grande chatice, mas estou convicta que vais arranjar uma solução para o problema, muita força e coragem.
Um beijinho especial para o teu filhote.

alicew disse...

I am new to your blog...just discovered it today and was delighted to find myself listed on your blogroll ;) I have definitely had those dark days with the cloud over head and when I don't feel I am offering much in the way of inspiration. I have to say though, your photos of the baby's breath flowers are absolutely breathtaking and really caught my eye!

I was so sorry to read about the reason you are sad today...and I know I would be too. I don't have any children but I know I would be feeling the same sadness and protective feeling that you are. I do hope that all works out and that those bullies change their ways...

June disse...

Hello Rosa Maria,
I too, am sad for your situation. I have had six children go through the school system and I know that bullying was a big problem then, but nothing like it is now. I hope that you are able to take care of things and that all will be well. I know that this is why so many parents have turned to home-schooling.
Your photos are lovely, by the way. Beautiful things you have.

Marie-Ange disse...

Magnifiques et poétiques images blanches !
C'est bon de commencer la journée de si belle et douce façon.
Je t'embrasse et te souhaite une jolie journée.

Romantiska Hem disse...

Nice bilder som alway på din sida! Jag hoppas att ni får en trevlig dag! Kram Petra

Romantiska Hem disse...

ooppss dont care om adressen, slipt jag whit mina fingrar och skär den i av misstag. hihi

Magdalena disse...

Hello ,
I hope that you and your family feels fine...Oh how mad I get to hear about idiots like that!
I hope that no one will harm your child!
My best wishes,
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Rostrose disse...

Oh, dearest Rosa, I really can understand your "headache" and "heartache" ... violence is a growing problem at schools worldwide. I think school system is outdated and not current any more: It is not really neccessary for young people to learn everything about the set of teeth of a saber-toothed tiger or about brown coal in Russia or something else - they should learn to cmmunicate with each other in a peaceful way - from first term on!!! I do not understand why there is no "communication-&-conflict-management-eduaction" at schools! And I cannot accept that there are teachers who are not able to protect pressured pupils! Go to the headmaster and make a scandal out of it - ask him if he wants to read anything about violence at his school in a newspaper some day: Sometimes this is the only way to change systems (I also had to do this - I hated it but it worked... Theachers don't like to act but some times they see that they HAVE TO!)

Oh - and your white pictures ARE pretty, but now there is another theme which is much more important!
Hugs and best wishes! Traude

lia disse...

Great photo's. But what a terrible story about your boy and those bullies . I hope that averything goes well.

Lovely greets and wish you all the best.

Mi disse...

oh-very sad. in finnland there are a lot of sad stories about school bulling. hope things go better.

vanamo disse...

I felt so sorry reading your and your son´s situation. It´s difficult to understand that there is people, children and adults, like that.
Try to be strong beside your son. Take care and I hope things are getting better.

Maria disse...

Dear Rosa,

I am so sorry to hear about your son's cituation at school. I hope everything will work out the best for you! You can not imagine how cruel some kids can be... And as a teacher I can only be horrified how the teachers does not do anything about this!!!

I totally understand your feelings as a mother.

I give you a big hug and cross my fingers that your son is fine!


mise disse...

That's terrible. I hope it all gets resolved and that you can be comfortable with his schooling.

I haven't been to Portugal in years, but am glad to be reminded of how lovely it is.

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

I can imagine why you are so sad and angry at the same time. It's horrible to see what those children do to your little boy. I don't understand why the school doesn't take any more action. When my girls were young they had special session at school about bullying. It did help!

I hope all this will finish soon and you and your son will be happy again. Take care,

Love, Madelief

Rostrose disse...

Oh Rosa, thanks for your comentário, you are so sweet! You mustn't cry because of my old stories! But if you want to see another story wich makes your eyes full of tear drops, so you may visit Renate D. She is such a nice and talented woman - and this is her blog-adress:
Today she tells us a wonderful story and shows us pretty baby-drawings from 1944 (pictures of herself as a baby - the only things that could be safed when her family had to flee). I am sure she would be happy about your comment!
Hugs, Traude

H A N N A S - F O R M disse...

Å, jag såg att någon skrev på svenska till dig så jag hoppas att du förstår mig....min engelska är verkligen inte den bästa...ÅÅÅÅÅÅ, jag förstår din oro och att ditt hjärta blöder...det finns INGET värre än då det händer något med ens barn...jag skickar dig all styrka i världen och hoppas att allt löser sig.

Varmaste kramar från

Chrissy disse...

Oh those rotten little sods!! Not to worry,it will be fine,and so will your son!!Cheer up,oh and i think your photos are lovely!!

Rebecca disse...

Hello Rosa
Sorry to hear your boy is having trouble with kids in school...certainly don't understand the school system that doesn't protect their students! Hopefully it will resolve itself, and those boys will decide it isn't worth it. Kids are always a worry and it doesn't change after they are grown and gone. Not to make you feel worse :)
We can only trust them to the Lord and rest in Him that He will protect them.
Your whites are lovely today and a lot of them! You were busy. I especially love the flowers. Take care and dont worry it will all work out

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Good morning, dear Maria,
Know is really the living in want.
Your pictures speak for themselves. nicer than the other.
The favourite greetings,

jade disse...

Liebste Rosa,
das sind so wunderschöne Bilder und so traurige Neuigkeiten!!! Ich finde es schrecklich, dass die Gewalt unter Kindern und Jugendlichen in Schulen immer mehr zunimmt und so wenig dagegen getan wird!!! Es gibt für eine Mutter nichts Schlimmeres, als die Kinder leiden zu sehen und hoffe ganz fest für euch, dass sich bald eine Lösung für all die Probleme finden lässt. Ich wünsche dir und deinem Sohn alles, alles Liebe....ich denk an euch!!!!!!

Ein wunderschönes Wochenende und die allerbesten Wünsche,
Hugs Jade

PS: habe schon mehrmals versucht, einen Kommentar bei dir zu hinterlassen, aber es klappt einfach nicht - hoffe, es funktioniert dieses Mal!!!!!

Marge disse...

Dear Rosa,

That, what are you telling us, it`s so so so terrible!!!!! I´m so sad for you!! Ican`t understand that the school can`t do anything???!!! That makes me angry too;)Arrrgghhh!! Those childeren need help, it isn`t normal to beat anyone and I feel same as mother than you;)We mothers are tigers, when we defend to our children or someone weaker. I will worry if I noticed that someone is badger, and I feel sad and angry, too.

I hope that your son is ok!!!!And I will pray for you too!

Big hugs to you, Marge

Ps. Beautiful pictures, too!! :))

Lilla Blanka disse...

Dearest Rosa,

I´m so sorry to hear about your and your son´s situation *big hug to you*

I really hope it works out fine for him, and that the mean boys stop being bullies immediately.

Wonderful photos!

Big hug

Luiza disse...

Wonderful photos, allthough You´re having a really hard time.
I´m thinking of You, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope everything will come to an solution.

Lots of hugs/

Tulipa disse...

Dear Rosa,
How sad to read about what happened...I hope everthing turned out OK. I can truly understand your anger and sorrow and your wish to do something bad to these people if they hurt your son. I would have felt the same way, and I think it is every parents nightmare for their children to be hurt in some way... Why do people have to be so mean? I don`t understand it...

I hope you are Ok and feeling good!!!

Lots of Love/ Mariette