sexta-feira, 11 de setembro de 2009

a view to die for ...

This are the views i want to have from my next house!!:

whats left of a very old castle;

an old iron bridge, no longer in use;

a small river ... ... ...

Here are the views of a piece of land we went to see.

The entrance

And hundreds of more then 150 years old olive trees.
Could i ask for more?!
Thanks for all the nice comments i've been getting. They have been really helping me to go through this not so nice week. I've been really sick for more then a week now, but hopping i'll feel better tomorrow.
Wishing you all a healthy and lovely weekend!!

10 comentários:

Kerstin disse...

Wonderful wiev... Hope you are getting better, and you get a wonderful weekend..Hugs Kerstin

jade disse...

Guten Morgen liebste Rosa,
es tut mir sehr Leid, dass es dir so schlecht geht und ich wünsch dir von ganzem Herzen gute Besserung!!! Ich schick dir alles Liebe und viele gute Gedanken,

take care, Hugs Jade

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Hello my love,
Good improvement!!!!!!!
Cure you well and recover!!!!!!
Affectionately yours and a restful week-end wishes you completely warmly,

Luiza disse...

What a wonderful wiev. Oh, how I wish I had a home placed in that spot. I love it.

Health is the most important thing in life. I really hope you get well soon, so that you can enjoy your weekend.
Lots of hugs!

Jacqueline disse...

Beautiful views and a wwonderful location....keep warm and rest and I wish you a speedy recovery.. XXXX

vanamo disse...

Dear Rosa! I hope you are better now:) Beautiful lot with lovely views. Are you planning to build your house on that lot? Have a nice weekend!

*Ulrike* disse...

Rosa, I just found your blog, and I am enjoying all the pictures. I would love to have 150 year old olive trees too!!! What a view! I hope that you are starting to feel much better, good health is the most important thing in life. Will be back again to check out your blog! Bye for now.

miss biggi disse...

Gute Besserung Rosa!
Die Bilder sind sehr schön.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie disse...

How wonderful! I would love to have a view of a castle from my home... Hope you are feeling better! Bisous... Julie Marie

Brabourne Farm disse...

Wonderful view and 150 year old olive trees - what could be better! Sorry to hear you're not well - hope you're feeling well now. Leigh