sábado, 5 de setembro de 2009

sweet pink

Marseille soap. Just love it!

An art i would like to learn one day, some day ... Ikebana

Softness in pink shades.

Sweetness ... my baby's shoes.

A baby girl's dress - details.

Ready for a good night sleep.

House shoes.

One of my favourite bags and perfumes.
Today was ... fleamarket day!!! Hurrai ! Last time i did it was about almost a month ago. Today was really hot (33), and in Lisbon is always hotter than here. Lisbon opens to the river and we to the sea, so here is always more windy and therefore not so hot.
Today the fleamarket was not as big as it usually is, but, nevertheless i was able to find some pretty things. I intended to buy some old linen bed sheets and bathroom towels, but there was nothing interesting, at least not the quality i was looking for.
Worst part: after the market i had to go to the supermarket (not really a pleasure!)!; but... a girl got to do what a girl got to do!!!... Isn't it?!

I'll show my findings in a future post! Promisse!
Thanks everybody for all the lovely kind comments and ...

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C'est Moi, Julie Marie disse...

Hello... how very pretty, I LOVE your baby's shoes!... Bisous... Julie Marie

Cindy disse...

Hi Rosa, it's me Cindy@stitches. I love you post with you soft and loving posts. I especially love that bottle on the first post. The purse catches me too. I'm glad you got to go to the flee Market and I am looking forward to seeing your upcoming posts. I went shopping this week too. I'll show mine on Wednesday. Come visit.

June disse...

Rosa, your pinks made my heart skip a little. Such lovely details and I LOVE your house shoes. I think I would never take them off. Your babies shoes are the sweetest shoes I've ever seen on the sweetest feet I've ever seen.
Thank you so much for the beautiful words you left me today.

Marita disse...

Pink,pink, favourite colour!! Lovely.

miss biggi disse...

Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar.
Ja, die Marktfrau hat mir den Kürbis als Ufo-Kürbis verkauft. Fand ich auch ganz passend.
Dein Blog ist wunderschön, und die Schuhe der süßen Maus sehen bezaubernd aus. Die Seife und das Fläschchen gefallen mir auch sehr.
Ich bin froh, dass du einen Google-Translate auf deinem Blog hast, sonst hätte ich deine tollen Berichte gar nicht lesen können.
Wünsche Dir noch einen schönen Restsonntag

Nordingården disse...

So very beautiful pink things and shoes for both large and small were adorable!

Thank you for visiting me, my blog has a new address, so please check back again!

Mari, ex "Guldkant på Livet"

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

I like your pinks! In Holland the autumn has already started. I can see it when I look at the trees. The smell in the air has changed as well. It's not as hot in Holland as in Portugal but with 20 degrees I think we are still very lucky! Have a good week!

Love, Madelief

Kerstin disse...

Hello Rosa... wonderful pink photes ... Here in Norway it is autumn now... rain and wind almost every day... I miss the summer..
Take care..Kerstin

jade disse...

Liebste Rosa,
ich schreib dir heute auch mal deutsch, wenn ich darf ;))! Deine Bilder sind absolut traumhaft - ich lieeebe PINK!!!! Und deine süßen Schuhe, und die allerliebsten Babyschüchen....WUNDERSCHÖN!!!!!
Freu mich sehr, dass du auf dem Flohmarkt so hübsche Schätze gefunden hast - bin schon sehr gespannt darauf!!!! Ich war gestern auch auf dem Flohmarkt und im nächsten Post werde ich euch zeigen, was ich gefunden habe ;))!

Einen herrlichen Tag wünsche ich dir - bei uns ist es sehr sonnig, aber zum Glück nicht so heiß, wie bei dir -
ganz liebe Grüße, herzlichst Jade

Marie-Ange disse...

Ta page rose est une merveille de fraicheur et de tendresse !
J'adore les petites ballerines de bébé.
Bisous de belle journée.