quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

shades of white

If you sometimes forget to look around as i do!... Just check what you've been missing!

I know it's not wednesday and that this post was meant to be yesterday, but... this has been a "runny" week and yesterday i just had ... autumn blues!! Anyway... hope you still like my whites!!

Everything is going ok at school and my son had no more troubles with the "trouble makers", but he is very shy and doesn't make friends easily. So our biggest problem at the moment is the fact that he spends breaks alone just seating there. He needs to find a friend fast, otherwise school will be too boring and lonely. It will take a while until he finds someone! Meanwhile... we're just praying everything continues ok. This is one of the biggest reasons i've been wanting to move into a small village! You not only improve your life quality, but you also have less problems at school. Whether we like it or not, children who grow up in small villages and towns are less aggressive, rude and violent. One can also tell less prepared for the competeness of today's life, but i'd rather have my children growing in a calm natural way!! They'll have enough time to learn how to be more "cruel"!!

Autumn is here, but we're having summer temperatures! -30s and raising!! Something is for sure not right!!

Have a wonderful Thursday and thanks for your lovely comments.

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Rostrose disse...

Dear Rosa, thanks for sharing your shades of white - and also for sharing your problems or "blues" or "heavy thoughts"... Perhaps it helps you when I tell you that my daughter also had lots of problems to find friends at school, when she was some years younger. When we lived in Vienna there were nice kids, but they lived not so close to our flat that it was easy to meet them after school without parent's help. But when we changed to the small "country"-village it was not much better the first time: My daughter DID find friends after a while, but they lived in the neighbour-village. And: My child was very selective - it needed YEARS till she found "really good friends". Now she's 16 and she is on a good way, but it wasn't so easy to find it. She first had to learn to love herself. And I think there are people who have lots of friends but noone of them is a "real friend" - and other people who have only few, but very good friends. Your boy will go his way - just give him time! Lots of hugs, Traude

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff disse...

Hi Rosa, I loved looking at you white's. They were very enchanting. Especially that white shawl on the bed. Display that spread out would you, and tell about it.

Life would be great in a smaller area. I made that same choice. I had three boys. The first day in school they found them. Went all through elememtary, jr high and high school with them.

I love the ice skates on your header. They remind me of the days that I spend skating as a child.


Luiza disse...

I love Your white photos, so please continue making them...

Thank You for Your, always so sweet comments on my blog, Rosa!!!

Many hugs/

jade disse...

Guten Morgen liebste Rosa!
Deine Bilder sind wieder so wunderschön - ganz besonders der Schwan würde wunderbar zu meinem heutigen Post passen ;))! Du wirst sehen, wenn ihr in einem kleineren Dorf lebt und nicht mehr in der Großstadt, wird es ein besseres Leben, vor allem auch für die Kinder - ich hoffe sehr mit dir, dass ihr bald etwas Schönes auf dem Land finden werdet! Und sei nicht traurig, dein Sohn wird auch bestimmt liebe Freunde finden, man muss nur ein klein wenig Geduld haben!
Genieß dein Wochenende und vielen herzlichen Dank, für deinen lieben Kommentar - ich werde versuchen, in Zukunft mehr Landschaftsbilder für dich zu zeigen (heute sind auch welche dabei ;)) - alles Liebe,

bis bald, herzlichst Jade

miss biggi disse...

Guten Morgen Rosa,
deine Impressionen sind traumhaft schön. Sie sind so schön nostalgisch, verspielt und gleichzeitig elegant!
Ich drücke deinem Sohn ganz fest die Daumen, dass er schnell Freunde findet. Manchmal dauert es zwar etwas länger, aber dafür ist eine Freundschaft nachher auch Intensiver.
Ich wünsche Dir ein wundervolles Wochenende

Jacqueline disse...

What beautiful shades of white you have shown us. and great photographs.
I am so pleased that you are making some progress with your son's problem at school. I'm sure that he will soon find a friend and be much happier. I that all will be well soon. XXXX

Brabourne Farm disse...

Love all your "white things" - you have some lovely treasures. Leigh

Madeleine disse...

Dear Rosa! It is friday, yes yes yes. =) Beutiful pictures you got as always. You still got summertemperatures? Lucky you! Have a nice weekend! Hugs Madeleine

Marie-Ange disse...

La Beauté s'est glissée dans tes images ...
Exquises petites touches de blanc qui allient douceur et délicatesse.
Je t'embrasse.

Rebecca disse...

Hello Rosa
Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by your whites are wonderful and I especially like the rose on the mirror--would love to see the rest of the mirror :)
My 3rd daughter was just going into highschool when we moved here from Minn. we live in a smaller town 40 miles west of Chicago but it is concidered the far western suburbs. Anyway she had a horrible time adjusting and I thought it was awful she was sitting alone at lunch so I went to the school councelors and asked rather strongly :) that they assign a student that had the same classes to my daughter for 2 weeks, she walked with her to her classes, introduced her to other students and sat with her at lunch. It worked out perfectly and she got acquainted with new friends. It is tuff to watch your kids have such a hard time when it is needless.
I wish you well my friend

Magoda disse...

Dear Rosa!
Thank You for your visit and good words!
I love your beautiful photos and details.
Many greetings!

Sirkka disse...

Hellou Rosa!

Thank you for your comment in my blog and your mucik is wonderful!
Your Beutiful photos...Great..!!

Have a wonderful day!

Sirkka and Rosa

Ida Maria disse...

Hello Rosa!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your blog is also very nice! You too have a beautiful weekend!

maría cecilia disse...

Hola Rosa María, from the very south of the world I´ve been enjoying your blog very much at my first time here.
So sad to hear what happened to your boy at his new school, those things should never happen anymore...hope you are all doing better.
Muchos cariños desde Chile
María Cecilia