sábado, 19 de setembro de 2009

pink saturday: born to be ...

You know?!!... A great american writer (i think Faulkner, but i'm not sure!) used to say that writing was 99% of hard work and 1% of inspiration and talent. Do you think he was right?
When i first saw some of these photos i thought he got it wrong! Isn't this pure talent?! I know, ... i know ... you can learn the technique, how to choose the correct way to position the camera, how to take advantage of the light or shadow even how to change everything once the photo is in a pc, but ... ... doesn't it take talent to imagine it?! To have the idea?! To be the 1st one (although some say that nothing is completely new or original anymore!!)?! Even to ... just do it?!
Since i started blogging i've found so many talented people! Aren't we lucky?!...
The amazing photos i share with you today,(on my contribution to "pink saturday" hosted by Beverly: ), are all from different and unique photographers. People anonymous to me until i found this:
For some more extremely talented people please visit the blogs on my blog list, and ... i would be glad to meet some of yours! Please feel free to write a comment letting me know who were/was the most talented person you met! I will be pleased to meet them too!
Wishing you a lovely and talented Sunday!

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June disse...

Hi Rosa Maria,
Amazing post, amazing images!!! So much beauty all in one place.

Marie-Ange disse...

De merveilleuses images romantiques qui nous transportent dans un monde de douceur et de beauté.
Je te souhaite un très joli dimanche.

Magdalena disse...

Beautiful, romantic...
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Jacqueline disse...

I think that we must love the same sort of beautiful images, as I've just saved that first photograph myself Rosa Maria!! I love each and every one of the photographs that you have shown. They are beautiful. I do agree with you ,that the idea has to be there first, to capture a beautiful photograph.

Luiza disse...

What a wonderful post. Beautiful images, very romantic.

I´m also glad everything turned out OK for You and Your boy, at school.

Have a wonderful Sunday evening.

idémakeriet disse...


Thanks for your understanding and sweet words.
Lovely to read.
Beatifull pictures all in pink.
I will sent you a big hug and hopefull you have a nice day.

Les Cotrions disse...

Ciao Rosa! Your pink post is faboulous! All the photos are enchanting and your words very nice!
Happy new week!

Designe disse...

Beautiful pictures! Thankyou for your kind words at my blog!
Have a nice week! :)

Madeleine disse...

Hi!! Lovely, pink is one of my favorite color. Have a nice weekend! Hugs Madeleine =)

Rostrose disse...

Hello, dear Rosa - I think, it is 50 % inspiration and 50 % work to create whatever - a book, a photo, a painting... They couldn't be so touching if there would be no inspiration but they couldn't be so perfect without training or techniqual knowing... The right mixture makes them so beautiful!
Thank you so much for your nice comment about our living room - it is not really an opened plan house - there is a wall whrere the sofa stands, but there is a big "window" (without glass) in it and so you can look from the kitchen to the living room and vice versa. I also love this open feeling! It is only a small house, but it seems to be larger ...
Lots of hugs, Traude

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff disse...

Just stoping by for a visit. Love the beautiful pics. That furniture, wouldn't that be fun to have.