terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2009

a passion for white

Some more photos on the white details around my house.

Some pillows i did on different shades of white.

I bought this old chair at a local shop that only sold very old things at extra cheap prices. Sadly the shop doesn't exist anymore. I had to repair and paint it, but the result was great.

I have this piece of furniture since 1992. We bought it for our flat, but when we moved into this house i painted it white, changed some things and decorated it with white stones.
A picture of an old bible that belonged to one of my mother's uncle who was a priest. This bible is written in latin and it was, actually, used during the mass.

This is a hand-embroidered linen curtain i did myself for my 2nd bathroom. On the next picture you can see a detail on it.

I also did this pearl embroidery and place the lace (bought at a fleamarket) on this mantel. I think it looks charming, doesn't it?!

Transformed candle-holders.

Hope you liked my pictures for the white wednesday day. Have a nice day!

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MiaMaria disse...


I liked your White nice photos!
And the things so beautiful....

Have a nice week!

June disse...

Hi Rosa,
Beauty, beauty everytime I come here. All the details in your house are so lovely.
Your embroidery is so amazing. What an artist with a needle you are.

Drawn to The Sea disse...

Dear Rosa,
Your cutwork & embroidery is beautifully done, such nice handwork. You must be a very patient person to make such pretty things.

I very much enjoy looking at your pretty things.
Pleasant day :-)

lia disse...

I sure like your pictures.
And the candle holder is very nice.
I just see while i'm writing the picture of your baby girl, what a beautiful girl.

lovely greets Lia

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your embroidery on the pillow cases and the mantel looks beautiful! Have you done some kind of education in that direction or is it one of your hobbies? I like embroidery as well, but because of my job and the other hobbies I have (singing, playing tennis & gardening) there is hardly any time left for doing some embroidery or painting....

Enjoy your day! Love Madelief

Cami @ Creating Myself disse...

That Bible is a treasure! Love the pearl embroidery! So much so, that I am going to have to learn how myself. It looks beautiful!

Peonies & Magnolias disse...

Your embroidery is perfection, just gorgeous.


Jenny disse...

Beautiful embroidery-what a talent you have! Lovely pictures all around.

C'est Moi, Julie Marie disse...

How beautiful... what a priceless treasure the old family Bible is... Bisous... Julie Marie

debbie disse...

you have so many pretty things rosa.x

Rebecca disse...

Hello Rosa
Beautiful hand the curtains! Actually loved it all and the arrangements of the photos are lovely

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

We loved all you whites Rosa! Obrigado!!!

Anne~fiona and twig disse...

Such beauty all collected in one place! Bravo!
~ Anne

Miss Gracie's House disse...


Cindy disse...

Your pictures take my breath away. Happy White Wednesday.

come visit

Lennu disse...

The candle holder is beautiful.

sylvia disse...

I love your blog and your great pictures!! I will add you to my blogroll!!

Les Cotrions disse...

Your white post looks wonderful! I'm so make so marvellous embroideries and so complicated!!!'re very talented!
A nice day for you!

Brabourne Farm disse...

What a gorgeous collection of beautiful things you have - thank you so much for showing us! Leigh

Cottage Garden disse...

Dear Rosa

You have such lovely and interesting things detailed in the photos. I love taking old pieces of furniture and painting and distressing them - giving them a new lease of life.

I'm sorry not to comment very often but I do visit often - your beautiful post is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you for sharing.

Jeanne x

Maria disse...

Dear Rosa,

lovely pictures. That chair is a real find! I would like to have that to my home ;) The colors of it is just prefect.

It is always nice to see a lot of photos. Thank you for it!

Take care,

Sirkka disse...

Yes...!! I can see your beautiful pictures have nice photos in your blog...fantastic! Fabulous!

Have a beautiful autumn!

Rostrose disse...

Dearest Rosa, you show us wonderful-wonderful white-wednesday-pictures! Sorry, that I didn't write sooner - this week was terrible stressy... I also want to thank you for your nice comment (and try to answer your questions)! I think, your old bible and the other books with skin cover are really precious! My books are only "old" and have some worth for me...
My sewing machine is not in use - I don't have the pedal any more. I just use it sometimes for decoration, because I love it's design.
Your husband is right - Vienna is really a beautiful city - if you visit it one day, please tell me and we can meet there!
The Mali-Mo-Family: I think you have been on the wrong place - the last post is from 28th August. I link to the blog in my actual post, so I am sure you can find it... A really sad story... I hope this family will be able to get back to life (as the McClenahans accomplished it)! There is a world of consoling to be done.
I wish you wonderful Septemberdays, dear Rosa!!! Warm hugs, Traude

Romantiska Hem disse...

Very beautiful pictures! I like youre site! Hug Petra

vanamo disse...

Dear Bikim!
I was delighted, you found my blog. You have so many beautiful things here:) Hav a nice weekend:)