quinta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2009

let there be light!...

Love different type of lamps.
I went around the house and took some photos on some of the ones i have. Hope you like them!...

The 1st picture's lamp was a fleamarket finding. I fell in love with it as soon as i laid my eyes on it... I have never seen anything like it evermore!

This one i made it myself with feathers i had from christmas; later i found the angel's wings and added them. I ADORE the result! What do you think? If you are interested i can explain you how easy it is to do it!

This one is a very special one, because it's the result of a mixture of lose pieces i had around and didn't know what to do with them. I just kept adding: a fabric and feather lamp shade i bought at a shop in Germany + an ikea christmas door light decor + a dark red velvet lamp shade i had bought at an old stuff shop + a huge pomegranate tree branch still with fruit on it, that i dried and added christmas lights. When all other lights are out, the effect is a fairy tale! Everybody loves it. My living/dining room is 7m height and around 80m2 so it works really well.

This you probably know! It's from ikea and i added some different sizes pieces of bamboo glued to the ceiling, just to make it different.

This stays on my baby girl's room and it's just a round piece of wood with some small holes and fairy lights. I made it this way, because i wanted something that would remind a night sky with stars. Soooo easy to do!...

From ikea - just loved the texture.

Bought at an antique shop(lamp shade) and at a fleamarket. I put the pieces together and added some crystals.

Both pictures from the same lamp from an antique shop.

This is another one I made: nothing more then an old cheap lamp shade covered with thick paper curls.
From the 60's. Lovely colour! It's quite difficult to find this shade of orange nowadays! I bought it in Hamburg.
From a fleamarket;
Also from the 60's, bought at an antique local shop.

It was a busy day, today! You all know!... cleaning up day. The school hasn't started yet (only on the 14th), but already looks and smells like the end of summer. It's still ok to go to the beach, but i don't really feel like it! I'd rather stay at home with the kids and do a bit of gardening.
Thanks you all for the lovely, nice comments! LOVE to meet and hear thoughts and ideas from you all. BE HAPPY!

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Chrissy disse...

Good to know I am not the only one with a thing for lamps!!! The last post you did,was simply stunning,I tried to leave you a note this morning on it before work but couldn' is sooooooooooo beautiful,I felt inspired by it!!! All the best,Chrissy

June disse...

What a beautiful collection of lamp light. Your home must be lovely at night when these are all turned on.

jade disse...

Good morning dear Rosa Maria!
You have so many differnt lamps - soooo beautiful!!! Most of all, i love the lights in the baby girl´s room - all the stars in the sky are so romantic.......think your sweet little girl loves it too!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Jade

jade disse...

Dear Rosa,
have seen your loveley comment right now - thank you so much for thinking of me!!!!! We had so much to do last week (we have holidays but we only have worked in our house :((.......but today i have a new post ;))!

Have a wonderful day, Hugs Jade

ein Hauch von Patina disse...

Dear Rosa Maria,
what wonderful lamps. Your creatively is grandios! I like the second lamp with feather, it is the same as the header picture! Very beautiful and failed !!!!
Best regards and have a nice weekend

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

I had to laugh about the variety of lamps you have in your house! They are from all kind of styles and periods. I love that!! I must say I am getting more and more intrigued about the rest of your house....Our house is a mix of styles as well. A bit of the twenties and thirties, but also design. I will show some pictures on my blog in the winter. I have just ordered some new chairs (bright purple) for in the living room. I hope I won't regret it! ;).

Have a great weekend! Love, Madelief

Brabourne Farm disse...

You have the most fabulous lamp collection. Love what you've done with ordinary lamps - they're little works of art! Leigh

pormaisqdmais disse...

Oi Rosa, desculpe demorar para vir aqui, ando meio out of order, estou tentando mudar meu horário de sono(trabalhava a noite), vim agradecer sua visita e acabei ficando apaixonada por sua luminárias, é dificil dizer qual é a mais bela, dificil, muito dificil. bjs 1000 - fffc

Nice and Easy Antiques disse...

Oi Rosa! We'd love to have you over on Monday for Junkin' Monday!!!
Marcela & Clara

C'est Moi, Julie Marie disse...

Hello Rosa, how very lovely... my favorite is the one with feathers that you say looks like a fairy tale at night when all of the other lights are off... I LOVE fairytales!.. they are all muy bonita! Bisous... Julie Marie

Lydia disse...

Such beautiful pictures. Pease come to my blog about Victorian Vignettes & C/Vignettes Etc, Jenny's blog.

Bellavien disse...

OOoh love you lamps, just good to know: there is someone how love to make lamps by her self ;o)

Great weekend!

Romantiska Hem disse...

Hej! Vad cool belysning du har! Jag gillar också belysning av något slag som är verkligen en stämning maker. Särskilt nu under hösten. Jag älskade din lilla flicka lampa, så mysigt! Kram Petra

Una disse...

So beautiful lamps here,
dear Rose. =)
I love very much all angels. <3

Lovely weekend to you.
We (here Finland) have rainy but beauty autumn weekend...

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

My dear Rose-Maria,
how many wonderful and different lamps you have
In the baby room a right slumber light... is wonderful simply heavenly.... thus.
The favourite greetings and schönenAbend wishes you completely warmly,

Marge disse...

Hello my friend!
I just admire your lamps, your creativity!!
So beautiful and different all lamps!
Hugs, Marge

Lilla Blanka disse...

Gorgeous lamps!!!

Thanks for sharing!


Rostrose disse...

Querida Rosa! What a georgeous collection - so many different lamps, beautiful, crazy, funny ...! Thank you so much for sharing - and I also want to thank you for your nice comment again! Oh, Rosa, please don't be worried if I do not write so soon... In the moment have lots do do in the office where I work and my "free time" has not been so free in the last two weeks. I have problems with my right arm (cause of too much computer-working) and must make "physio-therapie" and we also have to go to animal-doctor because of our poor little guinea pig Niki, which has cancer.... (I am not sure if he will be able to stay with us any longer... We are very sad.) And last week I also met an "old" friend (a school friend - we got to know when we were 11 years old). So you see, there was not so much time to travel through Bloggetonia... But I hope it will become better... (We will see!)
Yes, you wrote about this poor mother whose daughter was kidnapped - I can understand that she is not really "alive" any more. But perhaps you have heared in TV about the Austrian "Casos Criminais Natascha" - of a girl who was kidnapped in the age of 10 and could escape with 18 (see: So it IS possible to get the "child" back!
Now I have to go to bed, I am very tired... I wish you a wonderful night! Sleep well, hugs, Traude