sábado, 26 de setembro de 2009

I fell in love...

People say that every day is a new world, a new journey, a new discovery! Well, it's absolutely true! Just look what i fell in love with this week:

* fluffy rococo beds;

*extremely big glass walls;

* unusually and original fabric lamp shades;

* wooden bath tubs;

* amazing original photos like this one.

Last but not least! This is my greatest passion at the moment! I found it by chance and just can't get enough of it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this music:

A lovely Sunday and hope you fall in love with something/someone too.

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ale disse...

hola rosa!!!! thanks for your visit in my blog!!!you made me very happy!!!!!!!...your blog is beautifull!!!!!!!!!!!!!!your photos are very very inspiring!!!! l will follow you!! have a beautifull weekend!! and l send you an enormous kiss!!!!!!!!!!

BellaRosa disse...

Que Bello! You have a beautiful blog with gorgeous pictures, I enjoyed my visit so much that I had to become a follower..besos, Rose

Magdalena disse...

Hello Querida,
I totaly understand why you fell in love with those things,
wish you a lovely sunday,
Magdalena/Color Sepia

Kerstin disse...

Good morning Rosa...
Wonderful photoes... I understand why you are in love...

Wish you a wonderful sunday... Here in west Norway it`s raining and blowing today..
Hugs Kerstin

Marie-Ange disse...

Bonjour Rosa,
Je te souhaite une très jolie journée sous le signe de l'Amour.
Je t'embrasse.

Luiza disse...

You are playing one of my favorite singer on Your side, Eva Cassidy, her songs are amazing and this is one of my favorite....

Your images are beautiful, especially the bed!
It´s wonderful, just the kind You want to have at home...

Have a great and peaceful sunday.

jade disse...

Hallo liebste Rosa,
ja, in das wundervolle Bett könnte ich mich auch sofort verlieben ;)) - es ist sooo schön und sehr romantisch!!!! Und es gibt so viele Dinge, die mich jeden Tag glücklich machen: der herrliche Sonnenaufgang, den ich heute erleben durfte, duftende Wiesen.......oder auch der hübsche Tisch, den wir heute auf dem Flohmarkt gefunden haben ;)) - ich muss ihn noch streichen.
Wünsche auch dir einen wunderschönen Sonntag, voller glücklicher Stunden,

GLG herzlichst Jade

Grön Iris disse...

Lovely pictures, my daugther´s birthday is next week so a dress like that and a lot of balloons...hihi..
I´ve heard the song before but with Eva Cassidy and I soooo love all about her, but this whas also a god singer.
Lots of hugs

lia disse...

Hello Rosa,

I love your fluffy rococo beds also.
Lovely pictures and music.

Have a nice day
greets Lia

Sirkka disse...

Your blog is beautiful and your music is LOVE!!!
Thank you!
Have a wonderful day!

Sirkka and Rosa

Corinne. disse...

Sorry but my engjish is not good !!
Merci de m'avoir ajouté dans tes favoris ainsi que pour ta gentille visite !!
J'adore ton blog moi aussi !

Les Cotrions disse...

Hello Rosa! It's so marvellous you fall in love with so many things! But you're right...they all are stunning! I hope to fall in love with an handsome, intelligent, charming, generous, sweet man! Do you think does he exist???
Happy new week!

Millie disse...

Such delightful things you've chosen Rosa! And yes, the fluffy rococco bed absolutely wins my heart.
Millie ^_^

Home No.1 disse...

Hi beautiful photos you show us!!!

Hugs from Annica.

Maria disse...

Dear Rosa,

oh, I also love the bed! I wish I had that kind of, but no...

You have foung nice pictures once again!

Have I nice week!


miss biggi disse...

Liebe Rosa,
das Bett ist einfach HIMMLISCH!!!
Sich darin einzukuscheln muß wunderbar sein.
Auch deine anderen Bilder gefallen mir sehr gut. Es ist wieder so schön nostalgisch und es strömt von den Bildern etwas ganz besonderes und zauberhaftes.

Wünsche Dir einen guten Wochenstart

Rostrose disse...

Olá, querida Rosa! Thanks for you nice inspiration! I also would like a bed like this - but big enough for TWO persons ;-)
I was very happy about you nice comments, too!n You asked me, if I made the garland with the hearts myself - not really: I bought it some years ago, but in the meantime it was not so beautiful any more and so I "modified" it a little bit... You also asked me if I have read "The Secret" - no, I just know that it's about "asking the universe to fulfill your wishes..." But I don't think it is that easy. One of my greatest destinies since more than 30 years is NOT to work in an office, but to earn enough money for living by creativity (writing, painting, photographing, creating parties or something else - there are so many things I love to do). And you can beliefe me: I have tried lots ... I never gave up my dream ... But in the meantime in beliefe that wishes are only fulfilled when you have learnt a new lession of life... (I hope, it's halfways understandable what I want to tell you - not so eay to try it in another language... ;-)???)
Abraços, Traude
PS: I forgot: I'm also no real fan of Tarot, but the cards are often very pretty and the words are wise - and I LOVE the Tarot-garden of Niki de Saint Phalle in Italy!!! (Do you know it?)

Libby Murphy disse...

Oh what a beautiful post. I had to stop and really look at each photograph. I love your sense of style.
Happy Twirls

Cindy-Stitches-N-Stuff disse...

I think I have a new love. Your music was intoxicating. I have a deep passion for music. It doesn't mater what language it's in. Yours put me in a different time and and different place. I wish I could have heard it without the pauses. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Maison Douce disse...

Ola, Rosa, encontrei hoje o teu blog e gosto muito, muito das fotos que partilhas conosco!! So happy to find a fellow portuguese blogger who loves the same things I do!!