quarta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2009

corner makeover on white wednesday



I had already done this same corner a few months ago, but wasn't really happy with the final result. I had a black and white colour scheme, but decided on another one this time.

I've used some fleamarket findings to give it a different touch.

What do you think? Would you add something or do something different??? Please!! Any suggestions?

Thanks soo much for all the comments and a happy inspiring white wednesday ( you all.

terça-feira, 29 de setembro de 2009

sensations running through your veins...

On Sunday, we escaped the city noise! We took the day off and run into Alentejo with some friends! They want to buy a "weekend house" (do you know this expression?! a house where one spends weekends and holidays), in a small village called Viana do Alentejo, so they invited us to go too and check some of what's for sale.

Viana do Alentejo is a traditional village where times loses itself through the narrow stone paved streets aged by hundreds' feet generations and not at all prepared for cars or any other noisy mechanic way of moving. Everything is calm and relaxed. It was hot and people where indoors trying to escape the sun that we, who live at seaside sooo miss.

We saw some interesting properties. One of them was a 19th century house that stood on 15 000m2 piece of land, with a romantic rustic garden and filled with amazing details: 4 kind of medieval fireplaces, 1m thick walls, arched shaped hallways, doorways and ceilings, thick wood doors and windows, a huge 3m deep swimming pool, an old water-main and cistern, hundreds of several fruit trees (nuts, oranges, olives, lemons,...) and a vineyard.
Our friends were amazed and i loved the feeling of it all. But i would never buy it! Call me a fool; call me superstitious; call me silly!! ; but i do belive in the power of energy one gives to a certain place! And ... old houses are filled with soo many different energies!! Who knows what happened there!; what people who lived there felt or lived!; what the builter or the 1st owner wanted or dreamed! Call it ghosts; call it whatever you want! ... but sorry... but no such houses for me!!! The only old houses i would live in would be the ones that are in my family for generations (and one of them is from 1787)!

Am i being silly?! My husband says i am!...
Anyway... took the opportunity to take several pictures on details that i love soo much.

Thanks sooooooo much for all the nice comments on previous posts and hope you all have a new week filled with good strong positive energy!

sábado, 26 de setembro de 2009

I fell in love...

People say that every day is a new world, a new journey, a new discovery! Well, it's absolutely true! Just look what i fell in love with this week:

* fluffy rococo beds;

*extremely big glass walls;

* unusually and original fabric lamp shades;

* wooden bath tubs;

* amazing original photos like this one.

Last but not least! This is my greatest passion at the moment! I found it by chance and just can't get enough of it. LOVE LOVE LOVE this music:

A lovely Sunday and hope you fall in love with something/someone too.

quinta-feira, 24 de setembro de 2009

shades of white

If you sometimes forget to look around as i do!... Just check what you've been missing!

I know it's not wednesday and that this post was meant to be yesterday, but... this has been a "runny" week and yesterday i just had ... autumn blues!! Anyway... hope you still like my whites!!

Everything is going ok at school and my son had no more troubles with the "trouble makers", but he is very shy and doesn't make friends easily. So our biggest problem at the moment is the fact that he spends breaks alone just seating there. He needs to find a friend fast, otherwise school will be too boring and lonely. It will take a while until he finds someone! Meanwhile... we're just praying everything continues ok. This is one of the biggest reasons i've been wanting to move into a small village! You not only improve your life quality, but you also have less problems at school. Whether we like it or not, children who grow up in small villages and towns are less aggressive, rude and violent. One can also tell less prepared for the competeness of today's life, but i'd rather have my children growing in a calm natural way!! They'll have enough time to learn how to be more "cruel"!!

Autumn is here, but we're having summer temperatures! -30s and raising!! Something is for sure not right!!

Have a wonderful Thursday and thanks for your lovely comments.