quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2009

white wishes...

This is my contribution for the white wednesday hosted by Kathleen at:

This is one of the bedsheets i embroidered a few years ago. I finished it with an old lace i had bought at a lace shop in lisbon.

A photo of one of my greatest passions: oriental dance. I bought this painting at a fleamarket in Germany. Love it!

A bed mantel bought on sale at "Zara Home" . Here is their link, in case you want to check it out, :

Detail of a baby's shoes that were my husband's as a baby and that my son also used.

Bags also from Zara home.

This is a detail of a star shaped cushion that i made about 7 years ago.

Flower arrangement on my kitchen.

A candle. Love the texture of it with "fleur de lys".

A widow indian saree. Love sarees and have lots of them! I use them to splash some colour around the house whenever I want. Besides, they make wonderful curtains, bed mantels, table covering and... whatever your imagination wants!...

A marble lamp, bought at a local antiques shop and still unfinished.

Some cushions I also made. Do you like them?

White stones and water from a "river" in my garden.

White feathers! Just love them and always buy them when they cross my way.

An old flower vase that I remodeled with leftovers from a flower bouquet someone gave me - just glued it and put a natural colour string.

Hope you liked some of my white things.

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Barbara Jacksier disse...

Very pretty. Your bedroom must be very serene with those lovely embroidered sheets.

Rebecca disse...

Lovely whites...I love your pillows! Glad you are joining White Wednesdays...
thanks for dropping by earlier

June disse...

I do love those cushions that you made. Beautiful! I love EVERYTHING in your post. Those baby shoes and their history are wonderful. How great that both your husband and son wore them.

Faded Charm disse...

So glad you decided to join in on all the "white" fun. Do you want me to add your name to my list of participants? Let me know and I'm loving all your pics and your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Take care,


fräulein klein disse...

So many wonderful white impressions. The pictures are so nice!
Have a nice thursday, Yvonne

jade disse...

Good morning dear Rosa Maria,
and thank you for all this beautiful pictures - i love WHITE and all your loveley treasures! The cushions you made are so pretty, and i love those sweet little baby shoes!!!

Have a wonderful day and i hope you feel better soon, take care of you,
Hugs Jade

Kerstin disse...

Lovely pictures... And YES I love your cushions
you made..
I have to look one more time on your pictures... take care..Kerstin

Maria disse...

Hello Rosa Maria!

Those baby shoes are lovely! And so are your children :)

I really like your photos!


Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your white pictures are lovely! I like Indian Sari's as well, especially in bold colours! I often wear them as a scarve and drape them around my shoulder, but like you I also use them to cheer up a room! By the way, the pillows look great. Very baroc!!!

Take care! Love, Madelief

Rostrose disse...

Olà , querida Rosa! Lindo produtos da linha branca! (I hope, google didn't bring a too crazy translation!?!) And your cushions are really pretty! You make them yourself?! - Oh, what a pitty, that's one thind we don't have in common, because I am not good in sewing. Did you see the skirt I wore on the "belly-dance-photos"? My hgusband sewed it (I wasn't able to do it with our sewing-machine...)!
Oh yes - oriental dance: Hihi, these pictures were taken at the oriental birthday party of a friend 3 years ago. There was only intended a show of this "sey young man" Alexandros - he comes from Greece and is teacher in a dancing studio in Vienna. He is great - you should have seen his whole-body-"shimmies"!!! Adorable! He invited me to dance with him and I was courageously enough (because I drunk 2 glasses of sparkling wine with syrup of rose petals ;-)) It was a wonderful experience - I'll never forget it!
Ok, Rosa, my text is a bit long - send you this and then I will continue, Best wishes! Truade

Rostrose disse...

Ok, dear Rosa, here comes the "rest": I learned oriental dance for about 5 years – the first 3 years in Vienna (but not in Alexandros’ studio), then I moved with my family to Lower Austria. So I took a dancing-break for a few years, but I was missing it and my spinal column missed it, too (my backbone was hurting, that was a problem ;-)) And so I searched for another trainer and took another course. But the trainer has other interests now (she is also trainer for line dance and masseuse and doesn’t have enough time for all those things). Last year I took two courses – Line-Dance and French. I loved French (and will continue), but I am not a real fan of line-dance. I never have tried Indian dance but I am sure it also would be good for my body and soul.
Dear Rosa, there was a sentence in your comment I didn’t understand: “have you ever though of hosting it?” My translation-program is not able to help me. Perhaps you can tell me what you have meant?
Last but not least I hope your eyes are better now!!! (I also have problems with my eyes, but thanks god it is not a chronical disease!)
Hugs and Cordiais saudações, Traude
Some correctures of the text I sent you before: ;-)
hgusband = husband
sey = sexy
Truade = Traude

Tulipa disse...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog!

What lovely white things you show!
I especially like the bedsheet you embroidered yourself!
Love, Mariette

Les Cotrions disse...

Your white things are all faboulous! Your embroidery and cushions are a beaty as everything else! White is my favourite colour!
Wish you a nice week end!