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These are the photos of what i backed today.

A post for all my followers, specially for Traude and her wonderful blog :

Here it is!; a recipe for the Pastéis de Belém - not the real one because that one is kept secret! Only people who work at the pastry shop you see in the picture and the owners know the original recipe; and that's such a secret that workers do have to sign a paper promising not to reveal, otherwise... ...

This is a similar recipe that we use when we want to do it at home it's called "pastéis de nata". It does not taste exactly the same but very similar and anyone can do it! That's the one I did today.


* puff pastry (you can do it at home or buy it at a supermarket - i usually use the frozen one and than unroll it until about 2/3mm thick)


for the syrup:
*1dl of water
*1 lemon zest
* 1 cinnamon stick
*300g of sugar

for the complete filling:

*5dl of milk
*2 tablespoons of flour
* 6 egg yolks well beated
*2 whole eggs also beated

How to:
Roll the puff pastry into 2/3cm roller and slice it into little pieces (about the size of a nut). Transfer them into small tart pans and with your thumbs fit bottom and sides of the pan. Take it to the fridge for 2 hours.
NOTE: if your using already done dough (let it unfrozen, if you've bought it frozen) and skip to minute 4:36 on the youtube video.

Meanwhile, pour the water, sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon stick into a cooking pan take it to strong fire and let it cook until it thickens (just like syrup).
Once done let it cool. Then remove the lemon zest and the cinnamon stick.
In a cooking pan mix the flour with a bit of milk and stir, then add the remaining milk, the egg yolks, the whole egg and the syrup. Take it to low/medium fire until it thickens - about 10minutes (do not stop stirring it!). When done, pour the mixture ( about 1 tablespoon for each pan - don't fill it too much) into the tart pans and take it to pre-heated oven - 245/250 degrees for about 25 minutes.
Serve hot or cold, according to your taste, with a bit of cinnamon and icing sugar on top. We usually eat them warm because they are cruncher.

It may sound complicated but it's quite easy!

this youtube video has no sound but shows how to work the puff pastry into the pastry pans. IT DOES NOT FOLLOW THIS RECIPE NEITHER THE QUANTITIES. Use it to understand the small details that might have not been understood on my explanation:

Last 3 photos from: receitas.mundo; goeurope and

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Rebecca disse...

It looks so delicious! I won't be baking it because I would eat it and I am trying to cut back on the pastries :(
I enjoyed your post tho

Beach Vintage disse...

I will try it next week, I have a habit of burning delicate things like this. But they look so yummy.

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Dear Rose-Maria,
this looks so tasty really. Will take down to me the prescription sometimes. THANK YOU!!!!
A miraculous summer day and the favourite greetings also to your two sweet children wishes completely warmly,

Marita disse...

Mmmmm looks good!!

jade disse...

Oh, that looks so delicious, dear Rosa Maria - would like to eat one of this right now ;))!!!! Thank you for this wonderful recipe, i´ll try it next time!!!!

Have a very nice day with your family, Hugs Jade

Marge disse...

Dear Rose Maria!

They look so delicious!! Mmmm...:)
Thank you, I taste one just now...;)

Hugs, Marge

Rostrose disse...

Oooh, yummie, yummie - I like that! Now I can feel like making holidays in Lissabon and eating lots of delicious Pastéis de Belém (or de nata, what ever ;-))!!! Thank you so much for the receipt!!! (My daughter LOVES to bake, so i think she will get this job ;-)) One question: When did you take the photo of the pastry shop? When we were there, allways LOTS and LOTS of people came here to buy the Pastéis - it never looked that "empty"!
Thanks again and take care, Traude

matilda disse...

It looks to delicious! I want to bake Bastéis de Belém, namm. Thank you the receipt.

Take care

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Your little tarlets look very tasty!! I wish I step through the screen and try one ;)!

Have a great evening!

Kind regards, Madelief

Brabourne Farm disse...

If only I could cook! They look so delicious. Leigh

Kari disse...

Thank you for your kind words.I find it extremely difficult too except my weight and I no that things can be wors,but I am still dreaming off a nice body.

Have a nice day and thank you ..