domingo, 16 de agosto de 2009

on the road again...

On Friday we were on the road again...

First stop!: when i spotted this antiques shop on the side of the road!

Pictures above are from this shop.

Who knows!!!! Maybe there's something cute instead of old junk. Those were my thoughts...
I couldn't be more wrong!! Take a look:

Pictures aren't enough to describe what my eyes saw. Sadly everything was TOOOO expensive.

We went through a small village called Grandola. Just enough time to take some pics:

of a window

of a lamp

of a chuch's bell and clock

of another window filled with birds nests - sawllaw nests (they only come on spring and summer and people love their nests because its believe that it'll bring happiness)

2nd stop: for a picnick in a pine tree wood.

This is a photo of the rice fields. The white spot you see is a stork.
3rd stop: a nearby beach; so the kids could have fun.

My family
Last stop: at a local café to eat an ice-cream.

Look at their happy faces!!!! If it was soup would they be this happy?!!

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Kari disse...

again lovely pictures,and what a lovely antique shop.
And you're kids are quit..

Rostrose disse...

What a pitty that the shop was too expensive (in Austria, they are very expensive, too...)! But you took lovely pictures in the shop and also later. I really LOVE the picture of the window with the swallow nests!!! And your children eating ice-cream (may be on a cold windy day the would prefer a warm soup ;-))
Now to the receipt: You told me that you read my post in german language - so: Is it okay to give you the neccessary things for the receipt in German and ALSO in English??? I will try to translate, but I am not sure if I translate everything in the right way... So here comes a very traditional kind of berries-jam:
You need:
1 kg Beeren : Himbeeren, Erdbeeren, Brombeeren, Johannisbeeren (1 kg Berries - what ever you like: I loved the smell of strawberies in Portugal!!)
1/2 kg Gelierzucker 2:1 (this is a kind of suggar, mixed with Jelly-powder, I dont know the right word in english...and I also dont know if you can get it in Portugal?)
1 EL Zitronensaft (one big spoon of lemon juice)
2 EL Rum oder Himbeergeist (2 big spoons of rum or berries-"Schnaps")
Mix the berries and the lemon juice and cook it in a big pot; when it is cooking, add the "Gelierzucker" cook it for about 10 minutes (dont forget to stir it). Add the rum or "Schnaps", fill it (fast!) in prepared glasses and shut the cap.
If you cannot get "Gelierzucker", you also may try the jam with 350 g Honey and 1 or 2 Spoons of Agar Agar or some kind of corn starch.
If you don't like the little "pits" in it you can "filter" the jam after about 1 Minute cooking.
Bon appetit! (I hope, you could understand my very bad "kitchen-english" ;-)?)
And best wishes, Traude

rosenresli disse...

Hello Rosa,

so many pictures from beautiful places and I love the antique shop! Fleamarkets and antique shops are my passion.

My bathrooms are finished - you can see posts about it if you look under "labels" (down in my right sidebar) and then "Badezimmer" and "Gästetoilette" . Do you like them? Please let me know, I would be glad.

lovely greetings,

fräulein klein disse...

So nice pictures! And the antique shop is so wonderful!
Thank you for your summerly photos!!!
Many regards, Yvonne

Rostrose disse...

I forgot to tell you: If you take the honey-variante, you have to cook the jam about half an hour...
Take care, Traude

Kerstin disse...

Wonderful pictures...And the marked .wow... so many lovely things... So sad it was expensive...
I wish you a great evening...
Take care..
Hugs Kerstin

matilda disse...

Hei Rosa!
Old photo my blog is not my family, it is from Graphics Fairy. I like very much old photos, especially black and white.

What the antique shop! So many fabulous things and a lot to see.

Your have cute childrens.

Good night!

lottens vita och gröna disse...

hallo, your blog is soooooo lovely! i be sooo glad if ypu want to link my blog, i link yours!

hug lotten

jade disse...

Thank you so much, for this wonderful impressions, dear Rosa Maria!!! It must have been a great day, for you and your family! I love the birdnests - have never seen this before!
I was on the fleamarktet this weekend - and everything is so cheap......a real paradise! But now i have no more place in my house :((, for all the loveley old things.

Have a wonderful week, Hugs Jade

charmedwishes disse...

Hello rosa! thanks for visiting my blog. it was a shame that the stuff in that antique shop was too pricey, it would have been fun if you were able to buys atleast one and then restore it to something beautiful. take care always and God bless!

Lilla Blanka disse...

Hi Rosa!

Oh your family looks so sweet..!

Wow I see som many things I would like to have from the bad the prices were so high.

Have a wonderful week!

Susanne disse...

Hello Rosa in Portugal :O)

I`m very flattered that you linked mye blog. The antique shop you visited looks wonderful. It`s all about money... ;O)
Have a wonderful week!


Beach Vintage disse...

I love the photo of the window with the birds nests. great colours.

Madeleine disse...

Just want to say hello!! Have a nice monday! Hugs from Madeleine

Brabourne Farm disse...

What a wonderful way to spend a day - antiques, picnics, ice-cream. Perfect! Leigh

Una disse...

So lovely pictures! =D

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

Thanks for looking up the book! I am glad you found a Dutch and English translation. I have to read a bit more to see if I like it, but from what I already read I think I will. The book I found in Holland, and I mentioned earlier, is called 'The crime of father Amaro'.

Your post looks lovely today. I like the village. It's so different from villages in Holland. Lovely pictures of your family as well. I wish I could show you some pictures of my two eldest girls, but they just don't want to be on the internet!

Have a good evening!

Love, Madelief

piitis disse...

Hei Rosa Maria!
What a lovely antique shop!!
Your girl and boy so sweet!!!
I just love your blog beautiful photos
and great inspiration.

Have a lovely week!!