quarta-feira, 12 de agosto de 2009

naughty naughty

Here she is!!! What an angel's face!....

Nosy nosy...

Here we were! Just having fun and being lazy at the end of a hot summer day, when....

I decided to take a picture, you know a nice one!!! But... no chance with this one!

Finally stole the fruit away and took this one. Not exactly what I wanted, but...

Almost half an hour later got this one!

And this one! She was in the pool... and still got a picture of an unexpected visit!

A dragonfly!!! Love them and as time goes by they are becoming rarer.

Back to my angel. An angel??!!!!! Look at this!!!

Ok!!!... no more then a normal common day in my life!!! Love my kids!

9 comentários:

Beach Vintage disse...

She is beautiful. Great photo's.

jade disse...

Oh, what a sweet little girl.....a lot of kisses to her!!!!!! You must be very proud of your children and i can see how you enjoy these wonderful days, full of love and happyness!!!! And i also love this great picture with the beautiful!!! Thank you so much for all these loveley impressions and have wonderful weekend with your family and thank you so much, for your sweet comment (it makes me very proud),

Hugs Jade

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

what sweet daughter you have. She really looks out like narrow elks.
You have miraculous days and spend even next at this nice place. If still this time enjoys the summer, the pool and.
I wish you to your family and narrow elks of all love and see you soon,

Marita disse...

Hi! Hope it's ok that I link to your blog at my site.

Bonjade disse...

Oh such a sweety she is.......georgeous. How rich you are........
A little angel in your life.
Oh and I love the fruit.....hmmmmmm.
Nice day

B E L D E C O R disse...

Dear Rosa,
Oh, you have a wonderful sweet little girl...It have to be a great day. Best wishes and a great time with your family...
Warm greetings
~ Bine ~

Rostrose disse...

Oh, of course she is an angel! Very pretty and sweet (sweet like the fruits ? ;-))
And the pictures of the dragonfly - superbe!
The first one looks like "Daddy long legs" (or like this persons who are walking on stilts...)
Best wishes, take care, Traude

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

The pictures of your little girl are lovely! She looks very sweet. Quite a treasure to have. I have three girls as well, but they are a little bit older (19, 17 and 15 years old).Just like your daughter they are not to keen to be on a photo. You asked me if the old villa's on my blog took me back in time as well, like old things do with you. Yes, they do. My imagination sometimes runs riot with me. I can imagine beautiful ladies and gentleman living in these house, inviting friends, giving parties... I can even fill in the details off their dresses/suits or the interior of their houses. I have always been a dreamer. Luckily I found a job where I have to stay with my two feet on the ground and use my head all the time :) Otherwise, I don't know where it would have ended......Have a nice evening!

Lieve groet,


piitis disse...

Hei Rosa!!
Sweet sweet little girl:) Lovely angel!!
Wonderful photos!!