sábado, 15 de agosto de 2009

My bathroom II

Here they are! Some more detailed shots of my bathroom decor.

Bought the painting at fleamarket.

Loved these wooden white washed birds when I saw them at a shop about 8years ago.

The brown bottles were bought on a very small village, on a shop that was selling pharmacy things (the pharmacy was being renovated). I use them for shower gel and stuff.

I painted these birds paintings myself.

Hope i could have inspired you to do a beach theme also!...

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Kari disse...

I just discover your blog,and I love your pictures.
have a nice weekend
greetings from Holland

rosenresli disse...

Hello Rosa,

I love your big beautiful sea shells. Have you bought or found them on the beach? And your bathtub is so big - just amazing! We have renovated our Bathrooms and guest toilets last year, the bathrooms now are grey and the guest toilets beige and I added some turquoise.

lovely greetings from germany,


Rebecca disse...

Hi Rosa
Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi.
I will be sure and post pictures of the retreat and the trip as I am driving and it will take me 14 hours to get there so I plan on antiquing all the way ;)
Your bath is amazing--I love those seashells!

matilda disse...

Hi Rosa!
Your bathroom is amazing!!

Warm greetings!

Rostrose disse...

And again you show us wonderful details! ANd the bird-paintings are soo nice!!! (Oh, and I fortgot to answer your question in relation to the laundry basket: I think it is a good idea to paint it white. Your beautiful bath is soft-coloured and so it will fit better.) And thank you so much for your nice comment! (But related to your marmelade-question I am not sure if you don't mix me with Jade or someone else? I sometimes cook jam, but it is not so "special" - I only put some rum into it ;-)) My "old" friend Jade always makes very special marmelades and cakes!!! Hmm! I am sure she will give you a good receipt!
I wish you a wonderful sunday! Hugs, Traude

Kerstin disse...

Hello Rosa...
Your details from your bath is lovely...
Its a place to have a good relax...
hope your weekend will be great...
hugs Kertsin

piitis disse...

Hei Rosa!
What a beautiful bathroom!!

I wish you a lovely sunday!
Hugs to you:)

June disse...

Goodness Rosa, what a beautiful bath you have. I am so glad you came by my place today and left me a message so I could find you. Your blog is beautiful. I'm thinking I'm gonna love it here.

Una disse...

Beautiful pictures. =)

You have a nice blog. =)

Sinulla on mukava blogi.

Greetings from Finland. =)

Madelief disse...

Hoi Rosa,

Beautiful details of your bathroom! I have been searching for a dutch translation of one of the books by Eça de Queirós but I could only find one of his most recent books (I think) which has been made into a movie as well. However, I could find some English translations. Do you know how the novel you menioned is called in English? Have a beautiful sunday!

Kind regards, Madelief

Cottage Garden disse...

Rosa, your sea-themed bathroom is gorgeous!! I do like mother-of-pearl and all your lovely bottles and and trinkets - your bird painting is very good too. I love interior design and find your blog so inspirational. Look forward to more!
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Jeanne x

Madeleine disse...

Oh what a lovely bathroom you got. =) Thank you, I love our new summerhouse, it is very swedish. We will be there at weekends and holidays. A lot of work ofcourse, but I dont care at the moment. ;) Hugs from Madeleine