sexta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2009

just takes a click...

I had to share !...

There are people who are truly creative, inspirational, sweet ... ... and nowadays it only takes a click to find all sorts of things!
10 minutes on the net and found these amazing pictures - LOVE THEM!

Take a look yourself here:

Thanking you all for the lovely comments and wishing you all an inspired, romantic, beautiful, sweet and amazing weekend!!

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Rebecca disse...

Yes, isn't it amazing how we are all so connected now with the internet. You can instantly see pictures of my person or home and in 5 min. it is accross the sea. It such a wonder
Blessings to you. I enjoyed the inspiration

June disse...

Hi Rosa Maria,
The images you are showing here are so beautiful. I love your blog and the inspiration I find while I am here. It is so much fun seeing a little of how others live their lives and what makes them happy and contented.

pormaisqdmais disse...

Oi Rosa Maria, realmente são belas imagens, suaves, delicadas, que encantam. Vim aqui tb para agradecer suas palavras no meu blog. bjs 1000 - fffc(fatima)

Lennu disse...

Hi Rosa!
Lovely photos, things are so beautiful.
Have a nice weekend.

Bonjade disse...

Thank you...
Wishing you the same....
I love these vintage pictures so much.
Real beauty.

jade disse...

So loveley pictures - have a wonderful weekend, dear Rosa Maria,
Hugs Jade

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa Maria,

Flickr is indeed very inspirational. You can find many beautiful pictures there! The pictures your found look very romantic!!

Have a great weekend!

Love, Madelief

Anna disse...

hallo, thank you Maria! your pictures, children, and places are so lovely.. i love seeing so happy and cheerful people like you. i added your blog to my favourites. regards, Anna

sandra disse...

Hi Rosa Maria,
I just discovered your blog via Rebecca for Vintage Living. Thank you so much for featuring my photos from flickr. I am very honored by yours and others sweet comments about my pics. Please stop by my flickr again. Also, the flickr icon on your side bar does not connect me. Could you let me know your flickr id so I can admire your pics? You can contact me through flickr or at
Again, thanks so much.

Maria disse...

Dear Rosa Maria,

these pictures truly are wonderful! Thanks for your lovely comments at my blog :) I really appreciate it!

All the best to your sunday!


matilda disse...

Pictures are beautiful, I love lace. Thanks for your nice comments at my blog.

Take care, Matilda!

Brabourne Farm disse...

Love your collection of beautiful finds! Leigh

Marge disse...

Hello Rosa Maria!

I agree with you, the images are soooo beautiful!!! The internet is amazing!!:)
Thank you for so beautiful pictures!
Big hugs to you from Finland!;)

Sea Angels disse...

these pictures are so very lovely,
lots of hugs and thankyou for your lovely comments xxxx
Lynn xx