quinta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2009

IT is done...

No! This is not my house! Not yet!...

I'm officially selling my house!!!

I've been wanting to do it for a long time, and should have done it during the 2 years we lived in Germany, but... oh well!!... Now i'm finally doing it!! We talked with an agency and it is on the market!... Don't really know how long it will take, because of the crises and all that, but it's selling...Hurrai!!

I want to move into a more countryside place and more into the interior of the country.
The photos of today's post are from the net! I've been looking for inspiration! This is more or less the kind of house i want to build!! Not soo modern and not soo traditional; not soo minimalist too, but one thing i'm sure: i want a glass house filled with gorgeous amazing details. Back to reality - 1st have to sell this one!!! Keep your fingers crossed!

What do you think?
Would you like a house this kind?
How is your dream house?

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Brocante Prulletjes disse...

Oh I love al the light and the windows, beautiful ! It is not my kind of house, but I can imagine that you can dream about it !

I dream of something old, wood, but also a lot of light..mmm I don't think that it excist, but what the heck..thats draming, isn't it !?

With Love, Elise

Thanx for the visit, till soon!

jade disse...

Good morning dear Rosa Maria,
what a great architekture so much glass and light!!!!! But its not the kind of house i love. And my english is not good enough to describe, which kind of house it day i´ll show you some pictures ;))!

Have a wonderful weekend and i wish you the best, that your dreams come true!!!!! Hugs Jade

Drawn to The Sea disse...

So much glass, how beautiful. Natural light is so uplifting. I'd love to have those multiple sliders in my home, to replace some large, fixed glass windows... let the air flow through.

Lovely blog!

Madelief disse...

Hi Rose Maria,

How exciting!! I hope your house will sell soon and...for a good price, so that you can buy your dreamhouse. I understand why you are looking for a house with lots of windows. I also like sun & light. Furthermore if your dreamhouse is situated on a hill with a view of the sea or a beautiful valley it must be breathtaking! Imagine waking up there......:) When I look at your dreamhouse it looks quite modern. Does that mean a change of interior as well? Love & a great weekend!


lia disse...

Thank's voor visiting my blog. Very nice, and ofcourse you may follow my blog. I'm going to look your blog, and the beginning is good. You're looking for another house, I hope your house sell soon and you will find your dreamhouse.

Lovely greets Lia

lottens vita och gröna disse...

ohhh you looking for a new house, what lovely inspiration you show us! hmmm my dreamhouse is a farm with a big white house made of stone!

hugs lotten

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Hello my love,
I find it a modern style is rather these constructions of houses. However, I see myself with pleasure something like that in...... I love even more the rural style.
However, I completely wish you a lot of joy with level of your new house.
The favourite greetings,

debbie disse...

I love it!!
Its my kind of house too.
Good luck.x

Rostrose disse...

Hello dear Rosa! First of all I want to thank you for your very, very nice comment to the "dancing"-theme! Yes: dance is always great!!! Oh - at one thing you missunderstood me - hihi, I also don't know French-DANCE: I took a course in line-dance (some kind of US-country-dance, cowboy-dance, like square-dance, perhaps you know this?) and a course in French - the language! ;-) I am not sure if I could dance Tango because I am a too ... "dominant" dancer (and at Tango the woman has to be "leaded"), but I like to watch it. My husband is also a non-dancer, like yours, what a pitty. But: My husband really would love the house you show us: He is a great fan of house with lots of large windows. Me not: Whou would clean them?! If I would have enough money for another house I would prefere an old farmhouse or perhaps a Jugendstil-Villa (in Austria there are some beautiful old houses in this style and I'm always dreaming to life in one of this "castles"... haaaah, such a wonderful dream!!!
I wish you and your family, that you will find your absolute dream house!!! Take care, Traude
PS: I forgot to answer an older comment of you: I also saw & liked the movie "The Hours", but I don't know the film "Knowing" with Nicholas Cage... thanks for giving the tipp!