quarta-feira, 19 de agosto de 2009

pretty things

Good morning everybody! I had no time to post yesterday! My husband's summer holidays are coming to the end, so yesterday we took the day to visit his mother's birth village.

These are some romantic details on the small room that stays before my bathroom.

Bought this chair from the 50/60's; made of wood and carved skin. I would like it to be whiter but i'm not sure how to deal with the skin, maybe there's a special product - have to check it!
The bag is from a wonderful english shop called Accessorize (here's the link if you want to check the things they sell) :

I've painted this wall with strippes on different colours and then added these fish bowls which are great because i can change the decor whenever i want. At the moment they have shells, water and roses, but i have them with christmas balls or leaves or fake snow or flowers or stars ... depending on the season.

The small flower paintings were bought at fleamarket.

My husband offered me the roses.

A great sunny day to you all!

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jade disse...

Hello dear Rosa Maria,
what a beautiful room, and so many loveley details!!! Love that chair and your wall painting and what a great idea, with your fish bowls!!!! Your always such a great inspiration for me........thank you for all!!!

Have a wonderful summer evening, Hugs Jade

Marita disse...

I love the bowls. Never seen bowls like that before.

Rebecca disse...

Good Morning
How beautiful the roses look in those amazing vases and love the shell detail. Very lovely
Have a great day

Cottage Garden disse...

Hi Rosa

Just catching up on some posts. Thank you for the recipe for Pasteis de Belem - they look delicious and I will give it a try!

I love Accessorize and Monsoon for great clothes and your interior design photos are always an inspiration!

Have a lovely evening.

Sirkka disse...

Hellou Rosa!!
Thank you for your comment in my blog!! Of corse you can put me to list, thank!
Your blog is beautiful and your childrens are bretty!!
All the best!

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

I enjoy it when you show us pictures of your house.It's because I am a very nosy person ;)....always interested in how others decorate! Your little room looks very colourful and sheery! Just like you, I like colours as well. The bowls are a very good idea! Have a great weekend! Is it hot in Portugal as well? It's 30 degrees in Rotterdam...pffff!!

Love, Madelief

pormaisqdmais disse...

Oi Rosa, obrigado pela sua visita, foi ótimo descobrir que posso escrever em portugues para vc. Amei seu blog e a receita abaixo então, adoro este pastel, aqui no Brasil é conhecido como pastel de Belem, é delicioso, assim como o seu blog. bjs 1000 - fffc (fátima)

envilsenloppa disse...

What a wonderful blog you´ve got , I love to come back !
The bowls on your wall are fantastic , I have´nt seen anything like it , very nice .
Have a great time !

matilda disse...

Hei Rosa!
Interesting bowls, never seen bowls like that before. So lovely.

Have a nice weekend!

Bonjade disse...

Such a lovely man you got......roses......
I love the bowls they are standing in.
I love your pretty things....
Nice day

Lennu disse...

The chair is beautiful, details and colour is berfect.
Bag so lovely too.

Take care, Lennu!

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

I think we have misunderstood each other.. I am not yet reading the book by Eça de Queirós. I am trying first to find some more information about it so that I know for sure I will like the book before I buy it! Some famous Dutch writers are Harry Mulisch, Gerard het Reve or Maarten 't Hart. However, the books I like most are from Hella Haasse and Louis Couperus. Many of their books take place in the former dutch colonies in the West Indies (now Indonesia). Hella Haasse wrote a historical novel called 'Gentlemen of the tea' which is about a Dutch man who leaves for Indonesia to work on a tea estate. It's a family history. Very beautiful! I think you can find it in an English translation. Don't know about Portuguese though...

Have a great weekend! I am going to Antwerp for a few days. I am looking forward to it very much.

Kind regards, Madelief

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

My dear Rose-Maria,
you have got hold of the most great things there....., however, the chair has done it to me mostly... him I find so supernicely!!!!
Quite many greetings and also to your family wishes you,

rosenresli disse...

Dear Rosa,

you show us so nice pictures from wonderful things. The chair is adorable and I love the little glass vases with the roses - what a nice idea!
Unfortunately I don´t understand your comment - is it about our bathrooms? My husband loves the classic style, so we decided to make them grey and I like the colour too.

Hugs and kisses,

Rostrose disse...

Olá, dear Rosa! The fish bowls are a great & creative decoration-idea! And the bag and the chair are full of lovely details!
Wish you and your family a marvellous weekend!

piitis disse...

Hei Rosa Maria!
Wow..the roses lookin in those amazing vases..
great idea!! I like it:))


Maria disse...

Dear Rosa,

Thank you for visiting my blog! You also have a great blog and really nice pictures :)

I wish to your life all the best!

Maria from Finland, living in Germany