terça-feira, 11 de agosto de 2009

fleamarket day II

Here is the result of Saturday's fleamarket!

A measuring spoon. I already have several on different sizes, but can't stop from buying when I find one. Just love them!

A grenade from box from 1970. Can you imagine that my husband threw hundreds of them away??!!! I was really mad at him when he told me, wouldn´t you?! He's a navy officer and they used them to do the war exercises! Oh well!!!!... Does it look too much of a grenade box??!!

An antique bedsheet linen with a monogram (B L). Love monograms!

A white handmade shawl for Autmn. Just fell in love with it!

Isn't it gorgeous?

An old music "something" (doesn't really know the exact word for it).
I got some more and intend to do something with it. Maybe use it on boxes or something. What do you think?

A first aid box that reads "metropole" from 1920-1970s. That's for sure portuguese! And that I know quite well. "Metropole" was the word used to say that it did not belong to the former african colonies: Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, S Tomé e Príncipe and Guinea.
I am, what was called back in those days, a 2nd class portuguese, because I was born in one of the colonies - Guinea. That was the term used to set a difference between the ones born there opposing the ones born in Portugal. A silly political word... that made sometimes a hell of a difference!!!

I found it very interesting and cute. Still don't know what to do with it. 1st thought of using it in one of the bathrooms serving its porpose, but now don't know... Does anyone have any idea? Pleaseeeeeee!'

Isn't it pretty?!
Last, but not least... 2 old perfume bottles.

The small one is from a company in Braga (north Portugal), that doesn't exist anymore! You can still scent the smell of it:::: Incredible!!! it brought back the memory of old ladies in the church on sunday mornings when I was a child.

The 2nd one I don't know the origin of it, but loved the fact that it's made of marbel and granite.

Hope you liked my findings!

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Chrissy disse...

Hello from Canada!!! So glad you came by,I LOVE your blog,your photos are right up my alley,I will be back lots!! All the best,Chrissy

jade disse...

Oh, you found so many loveley treasures, dear Rosa Maria!!! I love this white linen with monogram and all this beautiful things!!! The first aid box looks really great!!!

Have a wonderful day - think i´ll go to the fleamarket on weekend-
Hugs Jade

Modern Country disse...

Hello from Norway!

Thank you so much for your visit and also for taking time to leave me a couple of words!
What a wonderful finds you were so lucky to spot. I love the way you displayed everything and for decorating your cornet with such beautiful flowers, Inspirational!!

Enjoy a beautiful day!

rosenresli disse...

Hello Rosa,

at first I want to say thank you for your nice comment in my blog.
You show us beautiful pictures from wonderful things. I love fleamarkets too and I love to photograph pretty windows and doors too.
If I could I would live in Cannobio, it´s my favourite place.
Now I will see your other postings.

best greetings from germany,

debbie disse...

wonderful findings.
yes i think u should use the sheet music for covering boxes or something.its a fantastic idea and when sealed with some varnish would look fantastic!

Madelief disse...

Hi Rosa,

I like the things you found on the fleamarket. You could use the sheet music as wallpaper or to wrap parcels in. I think they will look beautiful with a white or black ribbon. Your present will be extra appreciated if the person you give the present to is a music lover! The music on your blog sounds good. Is the Portuguese singer I heard an example of fado boémio?

Have a nice day!

Love, Madelief

Rajee Sood disse...

Hi Rosa,
Thanks for leaving me your lovely comments ... and I absolutely would steal that handwoven shawl from you if I could ... it is so beautiful... wow ... :)

Cottage Garden disse...

Hello Rosa

Just catching up on a few postings that I have missed! The doors and windows are fantastic and I love the treasures you have found at the market,particuarly the white shawl. Thank you for your lovely comments at mine.

Bonjade disse...

So nice that you visited now have discovered yours......and....I love it.
I love the serenity on your blog and the lovely pictures.
So I will be pleased to follow you.
Nice evening

Jannicke disse...

Thank you for visiting my blogg, and leaving a very nice comment ;o).
You have a lovely blog! Love the things you found on the marked!!
Ps : The flat I showed pics from in the last two postings is from my brothers and his girlfriend.
Have a nice evening!! J.

Marita disse...

Thank you for visiting my blog.
You have such a lovely blogg with many lovely pictures!!
Have a good day!

Kerstin disse...

Hello Rose...
Lovely name you have...
Than you so much for you wonderful greating in my blig.. I`m so gald I can inspiring you...

WOW what i flea marked you have been visiting... And so many lovely things you found...

Of cours you can link my blog... i`ll do the same...

Hugs Kerstin

Rebecca disse...

Thank you for visiting me on white Wednesday and leaving a kind comment. Your flea finds are great...I use sheet music for just about everything - I even used it as a border on the shelving on the cabinet I just put up on my post-if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it you might be able to see it. I use sheet music for banners, collage, backgrounds on photos, cones as you did with the flowers-looks fantastic by the way.