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FADO: the Diva Amália Rodrigues

This is the greatest fado singer Amália Rodrigues(1920-1999 at the age of 79), buried in the National Pantheon, as I said on my previous post.
If you feel like knowing her music (some of the most famous) click here:

Here she is! Mariza the new face of fado. She has been conquering people all over the world with her new way of singing fado. Fado experts are saying she will be the next diva.

To hear to some of her musics, some also sang by Amália:

Dulce Pontes: a great voice singing anything and beloved by many fado lovers. She ended up choosing another musical way. After Mariza, I think she completly lost her place as a greater fado singer.

To hear her voice:

These are only some of the greatest female fado names. There're also men singing fado. But who keeps fado really going are of course the small, sometimes anonymous singers singing every single night in the "casas de fado" (fado houses).

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Madelief disse...

Hi Rose Maria,

I just read your reply about old linnen. I understand why you use it. I inherited a beautiful embroidered tablecloth from my grandmother which I use as well. It's such a waste to leave it in the cupboard.

I know all the names of the fado singers in your blog, but never really listened good to the music and the lyrics. I can remember I tried some songs of Amalia Rodriguez once, but I found the music made me very sad. I will use your links to youtube and give it another try. I will let you now!

Kind regards, Madelief

Rostrose disse...

Hello, dear Rosa! Oh, what a wonderful Fado-memory your post brought to me! Great voices and interesting videos! Actually the modern style of Mariza is very special and new for me. In Lissabon we visited an unforgettable Fado-Evening (excellent singers – and my husband had birthday: the whole tavern sang for him)! And wonderful pictures of the flea-market, too!
I also want to thank you for your nice comment on my Portugal-post! Indeed, it’s a pitty I didn’t know you sooner – would have been nice to meet you! Oh, yes, we tasted Portueguese coffee and pastel de belém – both very delicious!!! We only stayed three days in the region of Porto and three days in the region of Lissabon, but they have been VERY full of impressions cause we had a wonderful Portuguese tour guide called Manuela! She was so informative – but I’m afraid I don’t remember EVERYthing she told us (sometimes I was a “bad pupil” who “escaped” to take photos ;-) I remember she told us about the castle in Sintra which is similar to “Neuschwanstein” in Germany (I think this was the prototype of the Sleeping Beauty movie of Disney – am I right?) She also told us about Fernando Pessoa, but I don’t remember if he was one of the poets who loved Sintra – was he? The pictures I showed at my blog only where a very small digest – “the white part of Portugal” ;-).
I saw you are living in Almada – we haven’t been there, but we took photographs of the Christo Rei Statue in Almada across the Tejo and also of the Ponte 25 de Abril. I am sure one day there will come another Portugal-Special on my blog and I will show you some other pictures. May be of the Azulejos? I liked them so much! I am sure we will come back – and if you establish a shop with traditional Portuguese products I will come to you and look for some beautiful souvenirs!
Best wishes, Traude

Marie-Nostalgi och Romantik disse...

And thank you for your visit on my blog!
I think you have a wonderful blog, and many beautiful pictures.i will put you on my linklist so I can find you again!

Madeleine disse...

Hi! Thankyou. =) I hope you enjoyed your weekend. Hugs from Madeleine