sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

details on linen

Hand towel

I got this linen from my ancesters. They're mainly hand towels, table cloths and bed sheets. All of them were handmade on my greatgreatgreatgrandmothers houses, embroidered and finish with antique laces. Just love them! They were passed from generation to genaration as a weedding dowry. Each generation would not only keep it spotless but also add some more made by themselves while they were brides.

Bed quilt made of linen.

This kind of quilts are called " coroa de rei" (king's crown) and were used on special holidays and festive religious days. Only rich or big farmers families had them and they would never be used out of these occasions.
I never saw this kind of linen quilt on any other country. I believe they're completly portuguese and difficult to find to buy.

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Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Dear Rose,
I also love linen all the same with table linen clothes etc. is simply a marvellous material.
The favourite greetings and a nice comfortable summer evening wishes you,

Madelief disse...

Dear Rose Maria,

The bedlinnen is beautiful! Do you still use it or do you keep it save to give to your children once they get older? You wrote that new brides had to add something new, made by them. Have you made something yourself?

Have a good weekend!

Kind regards, Madelief

Crinoline disse...

How nice to hear from you in Portugal. The linens is beautiful. Have a nice weekend.

Lilla Blanka disse...

Hi Rosa!

Thank you so much for your visit in my blog and for your kind words! ♥

I´m so happy that you left a comment so I could find your beautiful blog! I have been looking for quite a while now, and find it very nice and inspiring!


jade disse...

Oh, so many beautiful treasures, dear Rosa Maria!!!!! The most of them i´ve never seen before!!! Wonderful!!!!

Have a very nice sunday and i thank you so much for your loveley comment, Hugs Jade

I`ll go to the flea market today...may be, that there is some old linen ;))

Marge disse...

Dear Rose!

Thank you for your friendly comment on my blogg!

Your lines are such fabulous!!!! What a treasure!!! Wonderful bequest!!:))
I´m also intersting, have you made something new for your children?

Hugs, Marge

Rostrose disse...

Hello, dear Rosa! Yesterday I left a comment on your blog but it seems that it didn't reach you. (Perhaps it is "hanging around" somewhere and will arrive tomorrow? ;-)) Okay, I'll try it once again. First of all your linen-blog is wonderful - this drapery looks very precious!
I also want to say thanks for your visit and your compliments - I'm happy that you like my mosaics and that you want to try a more complex one now. Maybe you will show us the output some day?
Oh, and have you visited my blog again? Now you can see "White Impressions" of our Portugal-Holidays in May 2009 - thanks for inspiring me with your door- and- window-photos!
Best wishes, Traude

Sublim design och Blossom kitchen disse...

I thanx for the visit at my place!
The linnen is realy beatuiful, and special.
I´m sure it´s hard to find anywhere...
Lovley blogg you have:)I will defenetly come back again:)
Have a fun week.

Viola disse...

Hello Rosa, thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog.
What a wonderful blog you have! Love all of it! Great photos and so many beautiful treasures.
Have a nice sunday! :)

Jenny disse...

Hi Rosa!
What beatiful linens with exquisite embroidery!

I have never seen such quilts as you are showing us, thanks for sharing them:)

Have a nice week,

Hugs Jenny

Brabourne Farm disse...

Hi Rosa

What beautiful beautiful linen you have - how wonderful that all these wonderful treasures have been handed down through your family. Thank you for showing us your lovely collection. Leigh

debbie disse...

thankyou so much for your kind comment.
i know you are right but unfortunately it still hurts to lose him.

miss biggi disse...

Hallo Roa,
leider kann ich nicht sonderlich gut Englisch.
Daher schreibe ich einfach auf Deutsch :)

Vielen lieben Dank für deine Geburtstags-Glückwünsche. Ich habe mich wirklich sehr darüber gefreut.

Ich habe mich hier ein wenig umgesehen und finde deinen Blog wirklich schön.
Die Bilder von der Weißwäsche ist ja einfach bezaubernd. So tolle und edle Stickereien findet man heute gar nicht mehr. WUNDERSCHÖN!
Ich komme wieder..