sexta-feira, 24 de julho de 2009

brazilian summer dessert

I love to cook any kind of food, with any ingredients, from any country... For health reasons I do not eat meat for 15 years now, but apart from that I'm always looking for new tastes and experiances!

I LOVEEEEE brazilian food, any kind of food!!... This time I did a summer dessert with strawberries. Here are the photos and, of course, the recipe.

2 packs of strawberry gelly
1 cup of boiling water
200g of cream
2 cups of any juice you like
oil to butter
For the strawberry coulis:
500g of strawberries
1 cup of sugar (you can use less sugar )
1/4 cup of rhum
Place the gelly and hot water in a bowl and let it melt.
Transfer it to a mixer and add the cream and the juice and let it beat for 5 minutes.
With the oil butter a pudding pan and pour the mixture into it. Place it in the fridge for 3 hours.
Remove the gelly from the pudding pan and serve it with the strawberries coulis.
Strawberry coulis how to:
Clean, wash and cut in four the strawberries. Place them in a pan toghether with the sugar . Take it to medium fire for 10 minutes or until it forms a syrop. After that add the rhum, transfer the mixture into the mixer and beat it ( to make a cream).

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Rox disse...

This seems really delicious dessert!
Thank you for loving my fairies ...
Briciole di Creatività

jade disse...

Dear Rosa Maria,
that looks sooo delicious - i love berries and and everything sweet! I also dont eat any meat, because i love animals. But there are sooo many other wonderful things to eat ;))!!!
And thank you so much for your nice words and telling about your must be great there (but i think tooo hot for me)! I´m looking forward to see some photos of the place where you live!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, Hugs Jade

Madeleine disse...

Hi Rosa! I just want to wish you a nice weekend! Hugs from Madeleine

piitis disse...

Hei Rosa Maria!!
Mmm...i love strawberries:)))

Sweet photos:))

I wish you a lovely weekend!!!


Les Cotrions disse...

Hello Rosa! Your strawberry cakes looks so delicious! YOu seem to be a very talented chef! I like to read recipes from any country, but I don't like so much to cook...
Wish you a very nice week end!
Warm greetings

Lennu disse...

Hi Rosa!
I try write in english....
Thank you for your visit my blog and I´m happy when I get to your favorites list.
Your cakes so tempting! You have a lovely blog.

Have a nice weekend!
Greetings from Finland!

Marge disse...

Hello Rosa!

I want to thank you for your sweet words in my blogg!:) And I am so glad that you want to follow my blogg!:)

You ask me if I live in countryside, well, I live in south of Finland, in small city and our garden is quite big but not large:)

Your pictures are so delicious, that now I must to eat something very good!!;D

I wish you sunny and relaxing sunday!:)
Hugs, Marge

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

this looks so tasty from.... one agrees like hunger, well.
Lots of love and nice Sunday wishes you, Elke.