quinta-feira, 30 de julho de 2009


I had no time to write the last 2 days.
On Tuesday it was my husband's birthday and, as usual, we took the day to travel our country with the children and learn and teach them about our history, landscape, food, architecture, etc

We went south, to Alentejo. My favourite place in Portugal and many foreigners' favourite too. Germans love Alentejo so much that they come to visit and end up moving and living there. The German comunnity is, therefore quite big there.

Here you have a picture of a Stonehenge twin! It's called "Cromeleque dos Almendres" and it was discovered on private property - now made public and of national interest - a few years ago (1964).

It is belived to be from 6 to 3 century b.c., it has circa 95 stones and some of them have 2,5m heigh. It is nowadays considered one of the most important megalitic monument in Europe.

This is a small village on the way to the monument. As you can see everything is mainly white because of the heat - it makes houses fresher in the Summer.

Hope you liked the journey!
To be continued...

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jade disse...

Dear Rosa Maria,
thank you so much, for this wonderful pictures and all the interesting things you told - have never been there and so it`s great for me to look at this!!!! I´m so glad about all this beautiful photos!!! And please say to your husband HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and i thank you for all your loveley words, Hugs Jade

Weißer Vintagezauber disse...

Dear Rose Maria,
first of all to your man afterwards happy birthday.
Wonderful pictures are......... there one agrees like wanderlust.
And should it be obvious sometimes then go, nevertheless, also again on a flea market.
Make it well to all love and a miraculous week-end wishes you,

Les Cotrions disse...

Hi! Happy birthday to your husband! I've never been in your country, but I know it's faboulous! Thanks for sharing these stunning photos and for this nice tour!
Happy week end!

MiaMaria disse...


Nice´s look faboulus!!!!

And to your question...yes we have a lot of snow in the winters.....

HAve a nice weekend!!!!

Tabiboo disse...

Hello Rosa,

greetings from the UK and thank you for the beautiful journey.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

Cottage Garden disse...

Hello Rosa
Thank you for your lovely comment over at mine. You too have a very beautiful blog and I will enjoy coming back to read about your life in Portugal.
Thank you for the journey through Alentejo - I did like the Stonehenge twin!
Have a great weekend.

matilda disse...

Hi Rosa!
Fabulous pictures. Stonehenge twin is marvelous. Thanks to trip Alentejo.

Warm greetings and have a lovely day.

Romantiska Hem disse...

Woow! What a lovely blog you got here! / Petra E

ruma2008 disse...

This song is great!! I had heard much today.
Thank you for giving me this.
Daniel Boaventura - I'm in the Mood for Love

And, What a splendid LANDSCAPE!!
Thank you again.