segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

outdoor details

domingo, 28 de junho de 2009

rainy summer days

It is summer but it had been raining the all day. We have been watching movies and resting. As my baby girl still doesn´t sleep through the night, it feels really great to have time to rest and relax. Meanwhile i´m also backing.


Yesterday was makeover day!

As my husband was at home and my son´s extra-activities are finally over,i had the chance to go to a garden center and buy a vase for my garden entrance.

The final result ended up like this.

I love it hope you like it too

sábado, 27 de junho de 2009

white decor

I found some more inspiring ideas on white decor on this wonderful blog! Check it out:


After the news on michael jackson´s death i was not able to write anything! i never was a big fan of him! but, God knows why, his death stroke me like a rock! He reminded me of my teenagerhood and somehow you always look at stars of this magnitude as immortal. When he died it was like if someone had just deleted a part of my life. Anyway... maybe i´m just being sentimental. May he rest in peace!
The show must go on...
I LOVE white decor, and have been thinking about changing some things "chez moi".So today i´ve decided to surf on the net for inspirational pictures. These are some of them:

sexta-feira, 26 de junho de 2009

quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2009

quarta-feira, 24 de junho de 2009

romantic details

I´ve just been around the house taking pictures of some of the decorative details around my home. Hope you like it!

traditional fig jam

As promissed here goes the recipe for the fig jam:

1kg of figs
650g of sugar

how to:

Wash the figs and place them in a pan together with the sugar. Leave it to rest until the next day or for 12h in a cool place. After that let it cook in medium fire until it boils. Let it boil until it is golden and looks like a syrup. Pour the jam into boiled clean glass and close .

After that you can use it as you like. I usually serve it like that:

eco-chic tips for your home

Just love this idea of making some cushions from old t-shirts!! Don´t they look great?!
Here it is a another GREAT idea from Martha Stewart´s site: eco-chic ideas that you can easily use around your house.

Here are only some of the photos:

For some more photos (25), ideas and how to go to:

segunda-feira, 22 de junho de 2009

the taste of homemade

I have just finished baking this bread. I love the smell, the taste, the looks and what it brings to my memory - childhood!

With summer we start having all types of wonderful fruits.
Every year i cook several kind of jams that we use now with ice-creams and soft cheeses, and with cakes, scones and bread later in the autumn. I started this traditional fig jam yesterday; because it takes about 24h to do. With luck it will be finished late in the afternoon. Promisse new photo and recipe so you can also do it at home. It is absolutly delicious!

domingo, 21 de junho de 2009

some more details from my house

children just having fun

what a beautiful day!!

After a hard week i finally manage to have some friends over and have a party. This month, in Portugal, we celebrate some religious saints with street parties and dances, a lot of food and drinks, some holidays and firework.
I decided to give a party based on these celebrations and bought some popular, traditional decorations. It ended up looking like this!
In the end everybody had a great time partying and the children loved it! As it was a very hot day - 35 degrees - they were in the swimming -pool all the time, even at night!

quinta-feira, 18 de junho de 2009